Our Story

Like most great things, we started out very small, a blogpost account that shared where the parties were and who was the coolest prodigy in town, that was way back in 2013. Since then we’ve evolved across different dimensions, struggled, lost sight, took another chance, brought in more talents, lost a few… isn’t that what you call growth?

Today we’re raking in over 30k daily visits, growing our newsletter subscribers in tens of thousands, wowing social media impressions in millions and can proudly introduce our-self as Calabar’s leading digital guide maximizing travel/tourism opportunities and fostering economic prosperity by delivering trusted content across diverse subjects that showcases the city’s fast rising creative scenery and activities that makes Calabar memorable.

Our portal provides a deep reach into an impressively large audience of interactive online users around the age range of 16 – 45 years with a relative acumen that fosters meaningful and engaging content connection.

Calabar Blog is an open book where everyone is welcome to write, draw, paint and share… 

Hope Obeten
Obinna Nwachuya