My father’s cane was like a machine that restored us to our factory settings. I had slept pass school time and I had no intention of waking up any time soon as i was having a beautiful dream. The next thing I felt was a sharp pain across my back, the pain hurt so much that it affected my dream and brought me back to reality. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me what just happened, without hesitation, I jumped out of the Mat and ran straight to the bathroom.

I had to make sure my siblings were also in good order too.Then we proceeded to wearing our uniforms. My uniforms had holes all over it, one would think it’s a Rat’s house “Daddy, see my Uniform is torn”I complained., “Francis,wear it like that, is it affecting your brain “?

Don’t get me wrong, Dad wasn’t a stingy Man, he just didn’t have much and mum worked with a General Hospital but didn’t really earn much. Infact, we didn’t stay back in school to play with our mates, we were always in a haste to go home so as to help our Aunty hawk and sell her wares. I hawked Garri while Emma hawked waterleaf,our other siblings were just too young to join us in the business.

Life wasn’t rosy but my parents made sure we didn’t lack basic things like food and shelter and also good education and that was why when someone suggested to my Dad that I dropped out of school to learn a trade, Dad went ballistic on the Man and asked him never to mention that to his hearing anymore. “No child of Mine is going to be a dropout” He had said.

While hawking, we encountered so many things on the streets. Because of our diminutive sizes, me and my brother were always bullied by some other boys and most times we ran back home because of the fear of the unknown but we were back on the streets the next day to hawk again, we just had to do it. It was a pleasant experience but the thought of My mother’s Afang soup always eased the pain.

Years Later i had gained admission into the prestigious University of Calabar and I took the sole responsibility of paying my bills in school so as not to bother my parents who barely had enough themselves. It wasn’t easy as I had to do odd Jobs just to survive and also fend for my siblings, although my brother Emma had already caught the fire and Join the hustle.

I was up and about my normal hustle one day when i got the call that almost made me loose my sanity “Bros please can you come home “Emma said. I didn’t like the tone of his voice so I asked him what the problem was but he didn’t say. I rushed home to meet gloomy faces and that’s when I got the shocker, my parents both lost their lives in ghastly motor accident.

I was demoralised, for days I could barely eat or sleep as their images kept flashing before my eyes but deep down I knew this was a wake up call to step out and become relevant. I could have taken the easy option which was to sulk and wait for help from people or made myself an object of pity, but I kept striving hard and continued in the hustle, I owed it to my Late Parents to be successful and to give my siblings the Live my parents weren’t opportune to give them.

Years have gone by and God has been super good to me. I’m married to a beautiful Woman who has given me two lovely Sons and I run one of the biggest Hotel in town, Jacaranda Suites which is fast becoming everyone’s favorite spot.

My Younger Brother Emmanuel is a CEO of a Media Firm known as E20 media and they deal on Printing flexes,banners,posters etc.

I managed to send the Third Child abroad for his studies and he did relatively well for himself and came out with a banging result which has got top names in Nigeria jostling for him to work with them!!

This got me thinking never to let the things life throw at you weigh you down, never to let situations control or rule over your thoughts.

The World will not give you what you want but only what you work for.

Life is easy, living is hard, but with God and Determination, Success is guaranteed

My name is Francis Ekpo, You have been seeing the Glory, now you know the story!!

Written By Patrick Dominic

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