So out of curiosity Peter went off gear and asked random sisters questions about our beautiful city, their favourite hangouts in Calabar and where to find certain class of people as an experiment. It’s important to state that the opinions here are not totally ours but after non-diligent research and questionnaire especially from those whose hearts have been broken by the innocent looking Calabar Angels/ Draculas you’ll agree that this funny list can be swallowed with a pinch of salt or a punch of lime, depending on what tickles your fancy.

While it is 100% possible to find Draculas (We don’t even know what that means but Peter said it’s the new term for heartbreakers)  where you find a husband material and vice versa. We were surprised to see that nothing popped up from Calabar south whether good or bad.

So, here is the list.

List of places to find Draculas in Calabar:

  • K’s Pizza (anytime from noon)
  • State Housing Park beside NUJ (Tuesdays and Thursday’s)
  • Mayfair lounge (Sunday evenings)
  • Whitehouse lounge (Friday and Sunday night)
  • Marina Resort (every evening)
  • Transcorp Hotels Bamboo Lounge/pool side, Petesville, Netsville pool side (Dracula Men – Especially Politicians and their associates)
  • SPAR (rolling trolleys of cans of beer and chocolate alone)

Places to find Husband Material:

  • Calabar City church
  • Hacienda
  • Teaching Hospital Bole joint (If you’re looking for Doctors)
  • Brook church
  • Traditional weddings
  • Winners chapel Calabar headquarters


Lastly do you think it’s appropriate to add a church to the list of places to find Draculas??

If yes, please name the church and if No, give us your reason.

Let’s help the sisters ministry…play your part and don’t forget to share.

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