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So i was invited to do a review of K’s Pizza Place by Calabar Blog. I was really excited because I’m always excited when it comes to food, especially free food.

So last Sunday evening, I headed out to Marian and met up with Mirabelle Morah. When we got to the place, the guy there had not heard of us and obviously was not expecting us. So after many phone calls, some guy called Elijah shows up asking who I am and what Calabar blog is….

At this point I’m already pissed off, he then goes ahead to watch football and says just calm down I’m coming.

His expression makes it seem like we are disturbing him so in my mind I’m like, if this guy doesn’t serve us in the next 10 minutes, I’m leaving.

I’d just like to say don’t ask for a review if you’re not going to serve the reviewer properly.

 Location: Ndidem Usang Iso (Marian) Road. Just opposite Southern Fried Chicken (SFC)

Pricing: I don’t know, I was not given a menu.

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Service: Absolutely terrible, I’m not sure whether it was the fault of the owner of the place or that the staff were incompetent. But it seemed like their boss called in and said ”Give those people one pizza”

So they looked at us as if we begged for the meal and then gave us the cheapest meal they had.

It was green peppers, sweet corn and something that looked like Chicken. It was terrible.

Ambience: It’s an open space ideal for hanging out with friends. Not a lot of effort was put into the appearance of the place but there’s a nice new playground for kids just beside it.

Would I go again? Yes, I’ve had pizza there a few times before and it was actually pretty decent. Not debonairs or dominos standard but still good. So I’d just like to believe it wasn’t nice because it was free.

Have you had Pizza at K’s Place before? How was it?

Reviewed by: Mide Coker, Lawyer and Lifestyle blogger

Follow her on Twitter: @MideCoker; Instagram; @midecoker

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