Ahead of the 2019 general elections, the Cross River State Government owned newspaper, Nigeria Chronicle; a leading online news platform, Calabar Blog; and Nigeria’s leading biographical consulting firm, Profiles & Biographies; are partnering to profile exceptional politicians in a special project titled, “100 Most Influential Politicians in Cross River State”

These biographical profiles will be published in a special pull-out in the Nigerian Chronicle, Calabar Blog, and the website of Profiles & Biographies as part of the plans to mark the 2018 Independence Day celebration on October 1, 2018.

The Project Director and CEO of Profiles & Biographies, Mr. Kammonke Abam, said The project seeks to profile political leaders who have distinguished themselves as being capable of leading our dear state, Cross River State and our country, Nigeria.

Abam said, “These 100 top politicians are those who, whether it was from behind the scenes or in the center of the media spotlight, have left their indelible mark on the politics of the state”.

The General Manager of Cross River Newspaper Corporation, publishers of the Nigerian Chronicle, Mr. Emma Akpong, said the project will be assessing the performance of political leaders as a way of determining those who have capacity for effective representation as well as a strategy to hold our leaders accountable especially as we inch towards 2019

Akpong said, his paper’s involvement is in fulfillment of the social responsibility function of the mass media.

The CEO of Calabar Blog, Mr. Hope Obeten, said his platform’s interest in the project is to get our political leaders at the state and federal levels who wield enormous influence and power to use this power to influence things in the interest of the state.

“We currently have leaders at the state and federal levels who wield enormous influence and power. The question is: how well have they used this power to influence things in the interest of the state, Mr. Obeten queried?

The project which is audience participatory will have members of the public nominating persons of their choice for listing and such nominations can be sent to Nigerian Chronicle or Calabar Blog or to Profiles & Biographies through their various websites or by sending text or whatsapp messages to the following numbers: 07031973119, 08037269236, 08037734684 and 08037265719

Some of the criteria for the selection of nominees include among other, 

  • Vision: Do they have a political leadership vision which guides them
  • Achievements: How many projects have they attracted to the state
  • Accountability: Are they accountable to the people they represent? Do they report back on progress achieved periodically and account for how tax payers’ money is expended?
  • Organizational capacity: How organized are they and how well are they able to put a system in place?
  • Conflict resolution/crises Management: Are they able to calm challenging situations with maturity? Are they able to manage conflicts and crises?
  • Rule of law: Do they respect the rule of law or they act as if they are above the law?
  • Public communication: Are they able to communicate well to the public?


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