The stage is set for the second edition of the #YoungPeopleConnectConference in Calabar.

The maiden edition of the event was held last year at the Malabo Cafeteria Auditorium, University of Calabar; with creative guests line up who undressed and stirred up a positive mind shift among students.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better with the likes of International Development Speaker, Akomaye Ugar, Faculty Lead; Afterschool Centre for Career Development, Esther Eshiet, Legal Practitioner & Managing Partner; FBI Legal, First Baba Isa, Lecturer & GIS/ICT Consultant, Princewill Ode, Magdalene Ikpi, Associate Prof. University of Calabar, and Peak Performance Strategist, Duke Peter; all confirmed as guest speakers.

This year’s Connect Conference is Themed: ‘THE FUTURE OF JOBS,’ and is scheduled to hold on the 17th of May, 2019, at the prestigious University of Calabar International Conference Centre at 8.00am.

Speaking on this year’s conference, the founder of Young People Connect, Mr. Etim Joseph said for the last two years, the Connect project has focused on building value driven programs for young school leavers, and undergraduates as well as entrepreneurs to have access to experts and organisations with high income earning opportunities.

“For the last two years, we have focused on building a community where critical missions, value driven projects and exchange programs will exist for young professionals to have access to experts and organizations with high income earning opportunities, using their thought capital, creativity mechanisms and relevant tools.”

“One of our measure vision has been to connect with people who have innovated solutions, enhance employability through our strategic and impact driven projects, conferences, trainings, collaboration and advance skill optimization.

“To bridge the gap between skills and school which is one of our major focus, we’ll be launching our Virtual University Platform (VUP) to engage and equip the next 50,000 young undergraduates, graduates, entrepreneurs and enthusiastic fellows who will join our community to engage creative digital skills, high demand 21st century market place tools, employability and innovative recycling skills,” said YPC founder, Etim Joseph.

He continued: “YPC have hosted over a thousand during our maiden edition in 2018 and trained more than 300 in digital skills, physical computing and new media. For the past one year, we had connected with change makers, hosted young CEOs, entrepreneurs, impact leaders and pace setters during Connect Sessions on our closed virtual learning platform.”

“The Connect Conference should be one of the greatest experiences every young person earnestly desires to have. It’s an unforgettable moment for the team, volunteers, our partners and our amazing audience.”

“This is always a moment when we see smiles on the faces of our young people who have been inspired to believe in themselves again and see lives transformed. It is a moment when the average scholar is shaped and transformed into a high class scholar. Now, education will bring such an experience if the right system, structure and learning environment is created.

“Our dream is to witness that day when our educational walls are raised again to the standard where quality education is  the code. We have become selfless in our pursuit, we have chosen skill versus school, we have chosen to connect with you.
We are mission driven, we don’t seek anything else than this. Until we reach our goal, we will not quit to press forward,” Etim said.

He went on to state that; “Globally, systems are created, methods discovered, research financed, innovations and ideas incubated but yet, one problem persist; lack of skill to implement these systems created. Our school system is fast decaying with the consistent methods that have proven to be outdated and backdated. Education has gone out of the four walls of our tertiary institution. Our society is fast growing with educated, yet unemployed and unemployable youths. Some who have skills and others with no idea what that word means.

“We now have tutors with unapplied knowledge, professors with theories without real time solution to problems, we hear of jobs but no employment, we hear of employment but no competent hands to fill the gap.

“Young People Connect (YPC) through her conferences, trainings, seminars, online mentoring and campaigns hope to bridge the gap between getting quality education, skill acquisition and job creations. Working with SDG’s 2030, YPC will influence our tertiary institutions to update her syllabus, provide quality education without bias and gender favouritisms.

“In 2018, we succeeded to foster education by engaging youths with skills but in 2019, the skill and school beneficiaries must be fully equipped with knowledge, practices, opportunities and a world to explore these possibilities.

“2019 will be preparing our young people with information and tools to be fully equipped for THE FUTURE OF JOBS,” the YPC founder said.

The Connect Conference is an educating and engaging annual event filled with pulsating moments of deliberate interactions, insights and trainings poised to marry the academic and business world. It is also designed to provide a networking platform for young people of like minds to build a synergy that will help to advance their career and drive a positive change in the society.

Attendance and registration for the event is free! See registration link:

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