When it comes to job search, your CV is the first thing a prospective employer sees, which is why a large part of the impression about you as an employee comes from your CV. You’ve probably spent hours working on your resume, trying to bring it to perfection. Here are 5 tips that will help your CV become even more attractive. You can also check out CVs on Jiji to find thousands of amazing and inspiring resumes from top Nigerian professionals.

Make it shorter

When you’re composing a CV, it can be very tempting to make it as detailed as possible, so that all of your best features could be included into it. However, HR managers often don’t have the time to study several pages of a resume from just one applicant. By bringing your CV length to one page you will increase the chances of it being seen by your dream employer and finally landing that coveted position.

Don’t ignore the formatting

Picture yourself reading your resume and see whether it looks visually appealing to the reader. A CV doesn’t need to have outstanding design, unless you work in a creative field – instead it should present the information about yourself in a neat and easily readable way. Don’t forget about spaces between paragraphs, bullet points, and bold font or italics to highlight the most important parts.

Include keywords

In some places, incoming CVs get scanned by a program, and only the resumes that contain the necessary keywords get passed on to the HR manager. Moreover, many busy HR managers only skim through a resume without giving it a thorough read. That is why your CV should include keywords that are relevant to your desired position, as well as personal skills and qualities companies are looking for.

Make your achievements visible

Your education and personality features are important, but not as important as your work experience, especially the things you achieved in your previous workplaces. It’s essential to make those achievements stand out from the resume. A good idea to make your achievements appear more impressive is to operate with numbers. For example, if your work in the sales department lead to a 40% increase in sales, the employer will be instantly motivated to hire you.

Add a personal message

No matter which position you’re aiming for, including a personal statement into the CV will help the prospective employee understand why you may be the perfect fit for the position. Explain why you are the ideal candidate, stating your prior experience and education, and don’t forget to make an emphasis on your accomplishments at the previous jobs.

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