Afterschool Centre for Career Development is pleased to announce the launch of its conversational series #PushForSkills Campaign organized as part of its activities to celebrate and promote the United Nations World Youth Skills Day scheduled to hold on July 15th 2017.

Designated by the United Nations as an Official UN day, the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) had become an official (UN Day) starting from 2015 and raises awareness about the importance of youth skills development. The need to campaign and promote World Youth Skills Day is more important than ever before. Perhaps more alarming, the number of young people out-of-school and not in education, employment and training (NEETs) is increasing.

The number of unemployed persons globally in 2017 is forecast to stand at just over 201 million – with an additional rise of 2.7 million expected in 2018 – as the pace of labour force growth outstrips job creation, according to the ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends 2017 (WESO).

At the same time, young people are also faced with the question how they will ad dress their country’s current and future challenges. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development calls for a shift towards more sustainable and equitable economies and societies, which will no doubt result in changes in the world of work and education.

As part of activities planned to mark the World Youth Skills Day (WYSD) 2017, Afterschool Centre for Career Development will hold skills development conversation series #PushForSkills. The #PushForSkills campaign seeks to generate greater awareness on the relevance of skills development comprising core skills, technical and vocational skills as well as highlight the place of skills acquisition in driving employability and entrepreneurship.

The Campaign is hinged on the fact that skills will continually drive the labour market and the future of work for both local and global economies and the need for young people particularly young people in Africa to upskill and position themselves accordingly.

The #PushForSkills campaign will host Twitter Chats on four key high impact areas of Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship, Environment and Eco-Tourism as well as Digital and Communications Technology. The Twitter Chats will be hosted on July 21st, 28th and August 4th, 11th 2017. Use the hashtag #PushForSkills and #PushForSkillsAMA

About Afterschool Centre for Career Development:

Afterschool Centre for Career Development (formerly known as Afterschool Peer Mentoring Project) is a non-governmental, capacity development organization committed to inspiring, investing and engaging young people as well as facilitating growth opportunities for young persons in transitional stages of their lives.

We ignite young people to set career goals and walk them through the achievement of such goals enabling them transit seamlessly from school to work. At Afterschool Centre for Career Development we employ various strategic interventions to counsel, train and provide growth opportunities for young people to prepare for the world of work through a peer mentoring model. Our programmes and projects include a Pathfinder programme for Adolescents, A Pre-Tertiary Training Programme for Post-Secondary school graduates, Workplace Training for Undergraduates as well as career advancement trainings for young professionals.

Beyond providing direct services Afterschool Centre for Career Development provides a springboard for Stakeholder collaboration and thought leadership on issues regarding holistic education including career counseling, employment and youth transitions programming. Some initiatives under our thought leadership portfolio include; The Career Counsellors Coalition and the School to Work Transitions in Africa Initiative.

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