The ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) comical decision to challenge the divine victory of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), in the just concluded state house constituency by-election held in Akpabuyo Local Government can be best described as a wild-goose chase or a hopeless enterprise.

How would a party with full control of state powers, arsenals, artillery, armament and combatants and unleashed in full the same on the vulnerable people of Akpabuyo Local Government Area, in a bid to coerce their decision, which the APC was sure won’t fall in it’s favour, intimidate and bully PDP faithfuls into the state of trepidation, to scare them away from the polling-units, all in a bid to prove their point: “That The People In Power Are Stronger Than The People’s Power”.

When we retrospect on the hell loosed on the good people of Akpabuyo by the powers that be, without an iota of conscience or recourse to humanity, the imported mercenaries and thugs which aided the APC to cart away ballot boxes in places like Idebe, Eneyo North, Edet Nsa wards etc. and cause for the cancellation of the PDP’s legitimate votes.

The direct gun assault leaving some gravely injured, only to wake with the spurious claim of approaching the court to reclaim ‘their mandate’, and I ask, what mandate?

This absurd theatre APC is staging is nothing less of an attempt to use the State and Federal might to rob Akpabuyo of her right to vote, which would be a cremation of democracy and the legitimization of authoritarianism.

Let it be known that the recorded victory of the 26th February by-elections in Akpabuyo Local Government, was nothing less of the people’s will exercised against scudding advancements of bullets as against the pyrrhic victory of APC in the Ogoja/Yala constituency. We will not allow this day light robbery! We will stand our grounds and defend the people’s mandate! We will furnish the court with overwhelming evidence of our victory and resist any attempt to buy justice by the APC.

The APC as the state ruling party approaching the tribunal against an opposition party is shameful and ludicrous. He who comes to equity must come with clean hands and he who seeks equity must do equity.