Dear Friend, Family, and Lovers.

On Wednesday 7th of October, 2015 the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital managed a patient who was presented with symptoms mimicking viral hemorrhagic fever.
Due to the remote chance of it being contagious, the hospital sent blood samples for testing and quarantined identified contacts.

Nigeria is Ebola free and Cross River State is not an exception. The wide spread rumor of a certain man with Ebola in Calabar shaking the airwaves and social media for days now, causing panics and paranoia within the state and in the country is by this release declared false in confirmation from the samples sent to the Ebola Diagnosing Centre in Benin Edo State .

We encourage You to visit This clean haven of hospitality and pleasure as often as You always do as we gear up to the world’s biggest festival the Calabar Festival and Carnival Calabar.


Looking forward to a Warm Welcome, Destination Cross River, The Nations Paradise….

Welcome Home…

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