The August edition of The Spark by BusinessDay magazine is out TODAY!!! And the theme is Travel & Tourism.

This edition illuminates how travel has gone beyond shopping trips and for health issues. They are showing how amazing industry leaders have been able to make a profession out of the industry as well as portray the limitless opportunities yet to be tapped in the travel and tourism industry. The industry can indeed be the backbone of the nation’s economy.

In this issue, They’ve got the very delectable, Nela Duke (@neladuke) an Environmentalist and COO of Obudu Conservation Center, and Chiamaka Ntia (@socialprefect) an amazing travel entrepreneur and CEO of Social Prefect Tours(@socialprefecttours) as cover feature.

In the exclusive chat, Nela Duke highlighted the need for environmental conservation in Nigeria. She opines that Nigerians tend to explore the society out of necessity and not out of wants, so if there is an opportunity to benefit from the environment, the environment will not be exploited.

“It is safe to say that quite a number of Nigerians do not know much about environmentalism and even amongst those who are aware, little or no effort and contributions are put into the earth’s preservation.” – Nela Duke (@neladuke).

She further went ahead to talk about the future plans of Obudu Conservation Center, the ongoing Go For Green Campaign that educates more on environmentalism, as well as the Obudu bird Club.

Are you a travel enthusiast, travel blogger, travel lover, tour operator or an entrepreneur in the industry? This edition is for YOU!!! Grab a copy of @businessdayng paper today to get yours or tap on link to download

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