SMEs are responsible for the majority of new jobs created in Nigeria and are crucial to the success of the global economy. Over the years, SMEs have faced numerous challenges from poor capital structure, high cost of production, limited access to long term funds, poor business continuity or succession plan.

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FirstBank understands these challenges and difficulties that is why we instituted the FirstBank SMEConnect to help you grow. As FirstBank, we go beyond just providing financial support. We offer strategic advisory services,business advisory support services, business seminars,business oriented credit access as well as information that will guide you in growing your business.

FirstBank SMEConnect, our scope of offers services to all small and medium scale manufacturing firms, merchants (suppliers, distributors etc), professional firms (law, consulting, audit etc), agricultural, Churches, Mosques, and NGO’s. We are committed to providing SMEs with the needed support for growth.We have tailor-made products to meet your specific business needs.

These products have been designed for financing the activities of your Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through providing; Financing structure, Access and Availability to Raw Materials, Sales and cash flow projections, Marketing and Logistics, Business Strategic Plan.

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