The best way to brand Cross River State, her people, her unique culture, tourism potential, investment climate and human potentials is social media.

While branding individual politicians may be desirable, it has very little socio-economic value. Focus should be on branding the state and her assets.

Donald Duke did a good work in branding Tinapa and the Ranch. More branding is necessary to redeem the negative image of the state especially as currently designated by foreign embassies as “security risk ” our image out there is really going down the drain.

The media aides to the state government should come up with better strategies to rebrand the states image. Use social media more positively to earn its value. There is a big difference between attempting to brand a political leader and branding a state.

When you brand a state, the spillover makes the political leader looks good, but when you brand a political leader at the expense of the state, its results is counter-productive especially when the states brand shows the opposite.






Princewill Odidi is a development consultant writing from Atlanta USA.

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