Imagine the possibility of your business having access to over 150 million consumers and buyers. Now, imagine a place where you can meet all these buyers while basing your business in just one location. With an in-flow of at least 213 million customers from other West and Central African countries to your doorstep, can you imagine the limitless possibilities and exposure?

Beyond the wide customer reach, you would also be doing business in a serene environment fitted with world-class facilities. If this all sounds too good to be true, you are probably wondering about the cost implications of such an opportunity. What if all you have to pay is almost nothing for importation and exportation of your goods, therefore the cost of using these facilities will be at the barest minimum? Well, your imagination has been made a reality.

Welcome to the Tinapa Free Trade Zone & Resort! Established in 2007 pursuant to the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority (NEPZA) Act No. 63 of 1992, Tinapa remains the only retail, leisure and tourism based free trade zone on the continent of Africa. We remain the destination of choice for proactive and business-savvy retailers and wholesalers all over the world.. Because of its free trade policy and location, you will also have access to 213 million buyers and consumers in the emerging West and Central African economies.
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We also offer world-class leisure and entertainment facilities within a safe and serene environment. Our facilities provide maximum satisfaction to conference organisers, guests, tourists and leisure seekers. These include:
➢ 242-room Tinapa Lakeside Hotel,
➢ The Water Park with her scintillating slides and swimming pools.
➢ The Games Arcade
➢ A newly-added Fitness Centre among others.
➢ Studio Tinapa

There is no better time to join the Tinapa business community than now as we are currently engaging in massive facility upgrades and acquisition of more resort companies. Despite our initial teething problems, we have risen to reinforce our position as Africa’s foremost Business and Leisure Resort. So many investors are beginning to benefit from our strategic positioning and cutting-edge advantage in the trade industry.

You do not want to be left out of this, do you? Join us today. We are waiting to welcome you.

Welcome to Tinapa!

Asuquo Ekpenyong (Jr)
Managing Director – Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort

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