The effects of Technological change on the global economic structure are creating immense transformations in the way companies and nations organize production, trade goods, invest capital, and develop new products and processes (market).

525 systems is one of the leading tech companies in Calabar. A brand passionate about growth, innovation and rendering  core services to its clients, introduces its first ever technological services equipped with rendering support to small  and medium scale businesses in the state through technology.

Our brand is also passionate about building a skill driven ecosystem with the very best craftsmen, aiding business owners rebrand and solve problems across the different sectors in the Nigerian market and economy.

525Systems is set to create a community development program aimed at providing a platform for the people of Cross River State to show case their talents to local and foreign investors.

The brand is set to launch a 21st century marketing campaign kin on promoting the visibility of small and medium scale businesses cutting across various states of the federation.

This campaign is tagged: SALES IN THE LARGEST MARKET.

Sales In The Largest Market is a movement aimed at taking businesses in Cross River State from its analog state to a more advanced and digital marketing system.  This movement is interested in training small business owners on the relevant techniques of properly positioning their brands for greater online opportunities and visibility.

The company is set to build websites and online platforms for a minimum of 100 small, mid range and large scale businesses in the state. This online platform is equipped to enable buying especially in the Calabar market smooth, also coaching this business owners on the strategy of selling and managing digital customers in an online market.

525Systems foremost goal is geared towards turning Cross River State into a thriving market place for local and foreign investors.

For more information, please call: +234 80 5087 525 9