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Have you ever been on a monorail?

Do you even know what a monorail is?

Maybe yes…buy  I sense a greater silence, just like when I trow out the same questions to my friends, but you’re in luck because I’ll tell you all about it.  🙂

A monorail is simply an elevated rail with a single route that is used to move people.

Looking forward to seeing one and experience a ride on it?  Big reason you should come visit Calabar.

The Calabar monorail is a train with 12 cars including a 10 seat passenger car and two equipment cars as well.
Each car  allows for seven to eight passengers and each passenger has to be seated.

The train operates on a 24 hour service. It is not stuffy at all as it is fully air conditioned,  pretty comfortable and has the passenger’s compartment approximately 1.62 metres high.

How long is the calabar monorail? I’ll tell you.

The train’s length is said to be approximately 38 metres. It’s width and height are approximately 1.95 and 2.2 metres, respectively.

Now, where does this monorail board or head to?

The monorail has three stations : The Tinapa,  Tinapa Lake Side Hotel and The Calabar International Convention Centre,CICC. All of this for your comfort.

One thing I can tell you is the Calabar monorail ride is exciting,  it’s fun and it is safe.

Would you like to go on a ride with us?

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