Bye Miss August, you were fantastic. Hello September. Please be good.

You know we promised to keep you warm irrespective of the season. We never let down promises. The rain has got us non-stop but we’ve still got the warmth as the cool gees that we are. You are free to Call Us the weather Guys.

Our September Cover Girl Aniebet Umanah doesn’t need introductions as she is a familiar face across the Akwa-Cross Area.  The 500 Level Computer Science Undergraduate of the University of Uyo and The Beautiful Face of Rhodies World is a perfect blend of Noir, brains and elegance. Ani took us a quick round up, here are the excerpts. Enjoy.

Aniebet Calabar Blog2

In a room of over 200 people one thing that makes me stand out is…

My unique look.  I believe that as a Queen you must always stand out in everything you do from the outfits, make-up to the character you portray.

One thing I’ve never wished for…

Is being  someone else.  I’ve never and will never wish I was someone else. I believe so much in myself and I try to be at my best at all time. I’m just the best

Being the Face of Rhodies world…..

I felt like I was given a platform to shine and I also have the opportunity to be an example to other young ladies in the society.

Aniebet Calabar Blogz


My most valued body asset is…

My  flat tummy.

If I were to be stranded in a desert with a midget and an albino I’ll rather follow….

Hahahaahahahahahha, I could prefer the albino but I don’t pray to be in such situation though.

At 40 I would have achieved…..

Building and owning one of the biggest modelling agencies in the world.

Aniebet Calabar Blog4


One of the best books I’ve read is…

“How to set and achieve Goals and inspire others’ by the Jim Cairo.

If I was offered a free Vacation…

I would love to visit Jumeirah in Dubai.

My life motto is…

Always believe in yourself.



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