Dekera Wuese3 Calabar blog

Just when you thought your summer months were warm enough we thought otherwise and brought you something even warmer – (Who wouldn’t when they have a chance to meet Queen Dekera  )

Dekera Wuese who is currently Miss Personality Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria  is not just your everyday regular girl. We finally were able to get the beautiful and energetic queen take us on a quick dive into her life as a model, an Entrepreneur and a onetime mirror dancing baby.

Here is what she wants you to know:

Dekera Wuese Calabar blog

In 5 sentences, I’ll simply introduce myself as…..

A model, a growing spoken word poet, an introvert who loves to have fun often and a Sapiosexual…I love intelligent people.  (We had to go check out the word Sapiosexual ourselves)

Growing up, I dreamt of becoming…..

A TV presenter or an actress, I’ll do spend hours in the bathroom just speaking to myself in the mirror. I’ll anchor a whole show or act a series all by myself in front of the bathroom mirror. We had two bathrooms so that didn’t affect anyone but my mum…..(Laughs out Loud)

The most difficult thing about being a model is……

That the world of modelling is a very competitive one…. you have to always be on your toes…. (and heels of course) there are a lot of models these days so in other to remain relevant you have to be at your best at all times…. this is difficult as being a model is more of a way of life than it is a career…it takes all of your time …. to be the best you have to commit your entire self …. and with the impression people have about models here in Nigeria…. if you are not focused you’ll never go far….

Dekera Wuese6 Calabar blog

After my degree I intend to…….

Start up a juice manufacturing industry in Makurdi… The whole intent is still in my head.

One thing i can’t possibly live without is …..

Sleep… I can’t… cannot…. can not…. possibly live without sleep… to be successful you have to stay hungry and awake, yes…..but how about an hour worth of sleep on the busiest days at least??

There’s this one thing I can do better than anyone else and it is…

Make your black pot shine bright like a diamond… (Laughs out Loud). I must confess that was a bad habit at some point in my life, but bless God for money, electric and gas cookers!!

Dekera Wuese5 Calabar blog

If I had one super power it would be…

The ability to play with words when writing poetry pieces…..‎

My favourite /best physical attributes are…..

My legs, Nose and smile…..

I realize that men melted in my presence from the age of….( She wasn’t expecting this one)

(Laughs out Loud)…wow… ok… I’ll say ehh…. at the age of 13,14..(Bursts into laughter)

My top 5 physically features for my ideal man are….

Tall guys… (Laughs out Loud)… dark or light skinned don’t really matter as long as you look clean, I love guys with a lot of hair, killer eyes and of course that charming smile. (We have tall, handsome, charming guys in our team, sadly none of them is hairy-She won’t pick us)

I would only consider dating a guy who is…..

Very humble, smart, one who understands my interests and respects me.

Dekera Wuese4 Calabar blog

By the time I am 40 I would like to have achieved…

Every single dream I’m nursing right now. -You’ll hear about me-.

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is…

I didn’t have a single pair of heels until last month. . (Laughs out Loud)

Something a lot of people don’t know about me is…..

I play the keyboard real good….

Dekera Wuese 2Calabar blog

I am happiest when…..

I’m on the runway and on stage in front of a microphone….. Lord Knows

Dekera Wuese7 Calabar blog


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