Just when you thought our cover girls couldn’t get any hotter, along came Queenette Awukam who represented Cross River State at the just concluded Most beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN 2015) after winning the Cross River Most Beautiful Girl (CRMBG) pageant, is here to cover your November. We’ve been following Queenette for as long as we fell in love with her charm, beauty and intelligence. You know we have to go round the block to look for these awesome beauties so you don’t have to strain your neck muscles.

To give you a bright November Queenette takes us on her personal journey from her aspirations to the MBGN experience. Enjoy!


In 5 sentences, I’ll simply introduce myself as…..

Queenette Awukam, a 20yrs Old Beauty Queen from Ikom local government area of Cross River State. I am a 200level student of History and diplomatic studies. I am a very simple and jovial person. (Well, we would help you find out)

My best personal attributes in 3 words are… Guts, Patience and Charm. (We said it!)

If I was a fruit I will be….An Apple. (You are one already. A very fine one)


If I had a super power, it would be the power to… Bring people back to life.

One thing I probably can’t live without will be….God. I can live without every other thing but God.

One thing I can do better than anyone else…. Babysitting. (Really?)

My role model is…. My Mother

I noticed that Men melted at my presence…. From my early teen age. (Tough one, she wasn’t expecting it)

I would only consider dating a guy who is…..God fearing and Hardworking.

Queenette Awuka img_3271

Before CRMBG I was a…. Photography Model.

CRMBG in 1 year has….

Built my confidence, it has helped me grow and since then I have been able to stand on my own and take responsibilities for every decision I make. My 1year reign means a lot; it gave me a platform to impact into lives.

Growing up, I dreamt of becoming…

A successful woman. I have always been a flexible person getting involved in different things as long as it would help people and me. But one major part of my dream is to becoming a women’s right activist. To fight for women who have been victims of domestic and sexual violence. I am still following my dreams.  (What of us, men?)


MBGN 2015 was…

An amazing experience. I met people, learnt new things what’s more to life?

Positivity has always been my drive. I did not feel disappointed when I didn’t make it to the last round. Everybody who picked up the MBGN form must have done that because of the winning. I wasn’t expectant but I was optimistic that it could be me.

Queeneth Awukam 1

An important lesson from MBGN 2015…

Is the fact that in every woman there is a Queen, it’s up to you to hide her or let her shine.


My plans for the future are…

Establish an NGO for sexually and domestic violated women.

Build a reputable brand across everything from fashion to entertainment to arts.


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