The importance of bloggers and activists in a state cannot be overemphasized especially in this critical time, the public display of concern shown by bloggers in Cross River State over the preventive measures set in place in order to war against COVID-19 cannot be overstated.

In these distressing times, it seems that the bloggers and activists of cross river state have ignored their most important task and are focusing their time and resources on little issues that can always be resolved if we work together. Some Bloggers and Activists are strictly on a fault-finding mission, boring holes in every recent preventive measure taken by the Government of Cross River State. Referring to them as irrelevant and not capable of aiding in the preventive attempt to protect the masses.

As bloggers and activists, we should use the social medium we have to aid sensitization of the public and also alert the federal government about the non-allocation of certain resources to Cross River State that will aid in the safety measures taken against the deadly Coronavirus.

The impact of this virus is felt by everyone; This isn’t the time to fight one another, this isn’t the time to point fingers, this isn’t the time to search and crave for power or recognition, this isn’t the time to prove to others; This is rather the time to jointly war against the pandemic for ourselves, our loved ones and our country. This can be achieved by raising a voice that cannot be ignored to NCDC and other relevant authorities to ensure that all available resources are present in the state to avoid pandemonium and disaster if the need arises.

We all do not wish for the virus to get into our state but we should be prepared at all cost for anything; facilities and equipment should be put in place, now is the right moment to ensure that all needed materials useful in the control of the virus are present in the state.

As bloggers and activists, we can see how individuals are contributing their resources to aid other governments in the war against the virus in different states but nothing is done in Cross River State yet. We are our heritage, we are our strength, we are our own people, we are the blood our forefathers have running, its time for us all to rise up and fight for our lives in this pandemic. because we have the innocent lives of mothers and fathers at stake here. It is our duty to beckon on the well-meaning citizens and organizations to awake and reach out to the average citizen who can barely feed. Hand sanitizer, nose masks, as well as gloves should be donated to different local governments in order to improve their hygiene and reduce the risks of getting infected.

Cross River State is home to many and should not be ignored by the federal government, equipment, and resources should be sent to the state for proper testing, NCDC should not focus

only on states with the virus but also prepare for states yet to record any incidence to prevent the crisis.

The people of Cross River State are advised to maintain a high level of personal hygiene, engage in social distancing and urgently report any suspected cases to the toll-free line provided by the ministry of health (08031230527). As the state government with the commissioner of Health; who is doing a great job leading the response, and other parastatals enforcing regulations and procedures that would aid in curbing the ongoing pandemic, we as the good people of Cross River State should support them knowing fully well that united we stand and divided we fall.

Written By

Agbama Elisha & Blessed Akama

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