⁣The UK Government through its Prosperity Fund Digital Access Programme, has signed a grant agreement with CyberSafe Foundation to carry out the “Safe Digital Community during COVID-19 Project” as part of UK’s cyber risk mitigation support to Nigeria’s COVID-19 response. ⁣⁣

This timely initiative will have CyberSafe Foundation coordinating and implementing cybersecurity support to the businesses and individuals most vulnerable to cyber attacks within our community.  We will also be driving a mass CyberSecurity awareness campaign, educating over 10million Nigerians on Safe Cyber hygiene best practices like you’ve never seen before. ⁣⁣

Unlike big businesses, many SMEs in Nigeria lack the people, processes and technology required to defend against cyberattacks; consequently will be the worst prepared and worst hit. #SDCDC19 is designed to strengthen the people pillar in SMEs with the knowledge required to identify, protect, detect, defend and respond to cyber threats. 

In partnership with @cyberexpertsng (technical partner), they will be upskiling 4500 employees from 1500 beneficiary SMEs across Nigeria for FREE. This program is also set to produce the single biggest injection of entry level cyber security professionals ever recorded in the history of Nigeria, a 42% increase from status quo. 

The team at CyberSafe Foundation has Cross River born Confidence Staveley as it’s Executive Director and consists of other highly experienced and exceptional CyberSecurity Leaders, in Nigeria, England, Canada, UAE, US, Cayman Islands and South Africa. ⁣

If you’re an employee or decision maker at an SME, you can signup your organisation to benefit from the free training here: www.learn.cybersafefoundation.org 

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