In its latest instalment of Young and Creative, a series highlighting the personal and professional journeys of some of the most inspiring young entrepreneurs, Natashanotables speaks with Asuquo Ekpenyong, Commissioner for Finance, Cross River State and Managing Director, Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort.

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Asuquo Ekpenyong with Cross River State Governor, Benedict Ayade

Asuquo with a vast knowledge of Banking and Finance has founded various companies such as Iquasu Ventures Limited, which provides distribution and freight services to various manufacturing companies in the Niger Delta and South Eastern regions of Nigeria, as well as Chamley Bureau De Change Limited where he trades in foreign exchange within Nigeria and Internationally.

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Asuquo is on the rise and we are happy to share his start up journey;

Before you assumed your position as the Commissioner for Finance, Cross River State as well as Managing Director Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort, I noticed you are an entrepreneur first, In the beginning what ignited the spark in you to become an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur has been a childhood dream, watching my father grow his business and the aspirations of doing business even better especially bringing into our brand modern technology and improved quality services. There was also a desire to create jobs and ensure equal employment opportunities were available to those who were qualified for the roles.

How have your entrepreneurial motivations changed since you first started?

Despite the poor economic conditions and cycles, there have been numerous risks and obstacles that have hindered the stability of our brands. However, as an entrepreneur I have learnt that persistence and maintenance of quality management has been a key criterion to our growth.

Running a successful business what where the struggles you experienced?

One of the major struggles has been in the aspect of hiring and managing people. Now managing diverse personalities and aligning these employees with the Organizational Culture and goal proves a major task not just to mine, but also to any successful business across the world. Others are the challenges of marketing and customer loyalty. I would say, over the years we have found our footing and we consistently try to create a balance.

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What is success to you?

I will make reference to 2 of my favourite quotes “Don’t aim for success if you want it, just do what you love, believe in it, and it will come naturally” -David Frost

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”- Winston Churchill

How would you want people to remember Asuquo Ekpenyong?

This question sounds like I am going away. For now, I don’t want to be remembered, but I want to be known for being a change agent, a pro-active leader and a man who has the growth and development of our youth in cross river state at heart, thus creating opportunities and making a better today, tomorrow.

A piece of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs?

The market is evolving and businesses are saddled with competition.  The distinction between you and the next person is hard work, dedication and innovation. Albeit, doing business comes with risks but keeping your focus and never letting your dreams die is the key to the next level. “Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness”.

We do hope we are have been able to share with you another young entrepreneur success story that would hopefully inspire you into living your life and finding your purpose.

For more information on Asuquo Ekpenyong, Follow him on Twitter @A_Ekpenyong

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