The Cross River State super highway and deep seaport projects have been lauded by a cross section of youths under the aegis of Stand Up For Nigeria. The group further went on to acknowledge the fight against corruption by the President of the country, Muhammadu Buhari, condemned militancy, Biafra struggle and sued for peace.

Speaking during the event making their position, Obande Gideon, spokesperson for the group said their decision is borne out of their passion to make the country grow.

His words: “We want to laud some projects in the State where the governor amidst scarce resources is embarking on a super highway project, a laudable project that must be encouraged and the youths of this nation will encourage it. We want to support the deep seaport, a factor that will trigger employment within the region; that project we stand to support, we stand to defend”.


Photo credit: CrossRiverWatch.Com

Furthermore, they called all and sundry to support the Federal Government in the fight of corruption as they vehemently discouraged activities of militants and Biafra. “This nation is bigger than one single individual, today the uprising in the Niger Delta is something that we must condemn. We want to plead with our brothers to reconsider their position, their stand, rethink over it again because if these pipelines are busted their immediate environment will be the one to be affected” Obande maintained.

The Federal Government was also urged to, “As much as some people would term the presidents fight against corruption to be one sided, it does not change the fact that the people that are been fought today are corrupt Nigerians. However we want to beg that in fighting corruption there should be obedience of the law, to judicial proceedings to balance it because to wrings cannot make a right”. He concluded by saying, “The ethnicity and religion that has been the strongest tool for divide can be used for togetherness”.

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