Everyone associates Cross River State with good food, right? Well, Bunmi of #DeliciousNaija stopped by Calabar to get a feel of this hype! As usual, she dabbled into some history before food time. After a visit to the Mary Slessor Home, Bunmi got to hang out to lunch and a catch-up with friend and Calabar OAP, Diana-Mary Owan. What better meal to introduce us to Calabar cuisine than Edikang Ikong? They also showed us there’s more than one way to have your Edikang Ikong! What do you usually eat yours with, rice or swallow?

In this episode, there are two MAGGI stars o! The husband, John, was the one teaching Bunmi how to make Ekpang Nkukwo. We like us men that know their way around the kitchen! Before then though, the wife, Mercy, took Bunmi to Calabar’s Marian Market where she learned the right periwinkles & cocoyam leaves to buy. Did you know you can know if periwinkle is fresh from smelling it?

You’ll see the special Efik style of cleaning periwinkles in this episode, and as the Ekpang Nkukwo comes together, you’ll find yourself tilting into your screen. If you didn’t get to watch it this weekend on your TV, you can catch up. See the full episode below:

The food journeys of Delicious Naija can always be watched at 7.30 pm Saturday on Africa Magic (Family), at 5.00 pm Sunday on NTA and at 5.30 pm Friday on Arewa24.

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