Take advantage of the Easter holiday, jet away and find the hidden treasures locked away in the wonderful Obudu Ranch Resort.


March 25 – 28 2016

The Obudu Ranch Resort is one of the most beautiful places in Nigeria and could compete with any place in the world for grandeur, ‎alluring scenery and rich cultural heritage. It’s the perfect destination for nature and outdoor lovers.
He is a chance to enjoy a fully discounted Easter package that will take you to the prestigious Ranch and back with special attractions.
Price: $ 350
Date: 25 – 28 March 2016

Sluxia ObuduSluxia Obudu Cable CarSluxia Obudu Waterfront

Sluxia Obudu MountainSluxia Obudu Canopy walkSluxia Obudu Water


Enjoy your meals up in the clouds.
Explore the diverse fauna and flora of the ranch on foot or bicycle for breath-taking views.
Watch over 250 different species of migratory birds that have been observed at the ranch.
Visit the game arcade and engage in the various games and Networking activities.

1.       Road Transportation (To and fro from Calabar)
2.       Accommodation (Shared Standard double – 2per room)
3.       Meals:  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.
4.       One Access to;
–          A ride on the Cable Car.
–          Use the Adventure water park.
–          The Grotto and Spa.
–          The Canopy walk way.
–          The Monkey Face view.
–          A Facility tour.
–          View the Intestine road.
–          Watch migrating Birds.
–          The Waterfall.
–          Visit the Becheve Nature.
–          A Horse ride.
–          Visit the Holy Mountain.
NOT INCLUDED: Anything not mentioned above

Singe: $350 USD
Double (10% Discount): $630 USD
Group of 5 (30% Discount): Contact Us
***** This booking window closes March 10, 2016.
For questions email hello@sluxia.com
BOOK NOW:  http://www.sluxia.com/obudu/

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