Leboku is an international new yam festival annually celebrated by the Yakurr People in Cross River state in August. This festival was adopted from Ugep (Old name given to present Yakurr local Government) by erstwhile Governor of the state, Mr Donald Duke, to further enhance Cross River tourism development. This Festival was adopted by the government at that time because of its multi-faceted traditional and cultural embellishments with several benefits that accrue to not only the Ugep people, but to the entire people of the senatorial district of the state.

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The Festival showcases the culture and tradition of the Yakurr people and attracts the interest of both the indigenes of the area in the Diaspora and tourists alike from different parts of the world. Here is the Complete Calendar for the 2015 year.

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Date Events
Wed 8th July – Thur 6th Aug 2015 ETIKEKOMI : Visitation to farm roads to accept palm wine and sundry gifts.
Friday 7th Aug 2015 LEBOKU KEPILE: Opening of festival activities.(a)Female wrestling to select prize winners

(b)Male wrestling to select Prize winners

(c) Football completion.

Sat 22nd Aug 2015 UBOKUPOM:  Traditional way of offering supplication and appeasement.
Sun 23rd Aug 2015 IKOBASE LEBOKU-WA : Thanksgiving church service to usher in peaceful festival celebration.

***Mr and Miss Leboku Beauty Pageant.( Updated )

Mon 24th Aug 2015 MBLEMI: (a) Farmers return with New Yam/Exhibition of New Yams at the town square to select Prize Winners/Best Harvester

(b) Exchange of visits and gifts between loved ones and well wishers.

(c) Breaking of firewood by Obol Lopon and midnight light/fire ( OKONDEL)

Tue 25th Aug 2015 JANENBOKU: Female Day(a)    Exchange of visit and gifts continues.

(b)   Drying of Ekoi talking drums.

(c)    Visitation of Tourist sites.

(d)   Traditional dancing troupes and displays.


Wed 25th Aug 2015 LADENBOKU (EKOI): Male Day At The Umor Otutu Place, Ugep(a)    Etangala Carnival.

(b)   Beating of Ekoi drums.

(c)    Canon/Fire Works Display.

(d)   Ekoi Dance.

(e)   Parade of Maidens and Miss Leboku

Thu 26th Aug LEKURRBOKU: Yakurr Day(a)    The Grand finale at Peace stadium Ugep

(b)   Art/Cultural Exhibition.

Mon 31st Aug 2015 YEKPI/KEBONGHA: Uprooting of trees by young lads and parade of Mr & Miss Leboku 2015.
Sun 6th Sep 2015 LIBINI/KEPONFAWA :  Final appeasement

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