In a city considered as “Where nothing ever happens” in singer, Adele’s lyrics.  A voice has come crying out with so much energy, hoping to break the jinx and put Calabar back on the forefront of entertainment in the country.

Against all odds, Lagos will witness the invasion of a black white man and his Entourage, The king  of Calabar comedy who has carved a niche for himself as one of the finest comedian to have emerged from this part of the country.

Invading the entertainment hub with the very best of Calabar heritage and culture, showing our Lagos counterpart that this first capital of Nigeria has in it the finest artistes and raw talents.

Mc Mbakara is funny to the bone, as heralded by Josh 2 funny to be in the same category of Monkals, this is the event for Mc’s to make Shakara with Dan D Humorous, you don’t have to be a deerstalker to watch Mc George or Mc Pashun because even Sir James is coming with his Koboko to attend this magnificent event.

Spydaman, Fada Kane, Reel Pee, Gwaynne, Eff Jay, Envy, Dj Uwa, Ekombi and Moninkim will all turn up at the Shell Hall Muson Centre by 6pm on the 5th of May.

The boy has grown to a Man and tickets are available nationwide for N2,000 Regular; VIP -N10,000 and Table for 10-N200,0000..

Trust me, this is going to be a massive invasion!! See you there….

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