For years now we’ve mostly admired Nigerian fashion brands on prints, adverts and the internet without real opportunities to access them in regular boutiques and the open market. We’ve also seen designers struggle to reach beyond their immediate circles and the anxiety to keep up with the calls from potential markets.

To bridge this gap, the  Simon Nwachuya led team at Sluxia LLC has for over 10 years consulted and studied the industry from inside out,  learnt a few things; then resolved to create an avenue that connects talented designers, craftsmen to the buyers and boutique owners directly especially when the fashion shows are not providing that much desired convenience for business interaction. This quest pioneered the idea of GetBaffs Exhibiton.

GetBaffs is a new lifestyle platform with a vision to bridge the gap between fashion brands and retailers. Its core purpose is to provide an interactive business relationship for local and international promising and established brands and its retail buyers. An environment to get first-hand information on market demands and trend, discuss the future of fashion product development, retail and access to market.

GetBaffs retail exhibition will bring together fashion brands and retailers from the 13th to 15th of October 2016, at the International convention centre, Calabar in Nigeria. The exhibition will attract over 500 made in Nigeria and international brands from the USA and Europe as well as reputable retailers like Matches Fashion, Zalando, Asos, Net-a-Porter group and many more. A brainchild of Sluxia LLC, GetBaffs aims to connect creative fashion makers/designers, retail buyers and strategists to conduct and improve business capacity in a conducive business environment.

GetBaffs is exclusive to fashion brands, retailers, curated enthusiasts and press representatives.

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