“Guy in Tik Tok Video is Not General Tony Ukpo’s Son” – Filmmaker Egor Efiok Warns

“Good morning, dear people. There is a Tik Tok video featuring a guy talking about how his dad died of Covid-19.

A mischievous person then decided to spread the fake news that the guy in the video was General Tony Ukpo’s son. A simple check on the guy’s Tik Tok handle which is BOLDLY written across the screen, revealed his name as Garrison Hayes and I searched for him on Instagram. This is his Instagram handle and you can see photos of himself and his dad whom he just lost. He is NOT General Ukpo’s son.

Whoever started this insensitive rumour should really be ashamed of themselves. Even those who are broadcasting it without verifying their facts first. I don’t understand why people think it is fun to sensationalize deaths.

Please, allow General Ukpo’s family to mourn in peace. Stop broadcasting fake news. Thank you. Egor.”