The cover girl feature is a portfolio really dear to our heart as a team, our vision is to have thousands of young girls exposed, motivated and challenged to take bold steps and conquer grounds like the amazing people we interview and share their stories on the blog.   We apologise for the cold months we’ve been quite without a feature. A reader even sent in a mail asking if we had run out of girls in Calabar J, sincerely we do not have any explanations to why we’ve been in the cold but one thing we can assure is our resilience to win you back with hunks of cool stories and the best things to do in Calabar as we continue to expand into new ventures around the city.  Calabar has lots of gems with remarkable stories we have dedicated our oars to unveil to the world and nothing would hold us back – not even the recession.

Talking about Gems, We had a chat with Leaticia Bola whom we are super excited to have as our last cover girl for the year 2016. Leaticia is the CEO of Leatty Makeovaz and former Carnival Calabar Queen 2015. Born and raised in Cross River State, she took us on a quick sprint on self-confidence, growing up, the misconception on beauty pageantry and women in Business.

We hope you enjoy the read.

In a crowded Hall of over a 100 people, what unique feature singles Leaticia out?

My confident Smile.

Leaticia Bola

At what age did you realise this confident smile was a virtue?

Very recently, so I smile more often ?

Take us through what growing up was like for you?

Growing up for me was pleasant; I attended schools which helped me build up my self-confidence and eloquence as a child. And my family values put me through a right path that helped me this far.

As a child what was that dream career?

To be an actress

Do you consider yourself still in line with that dream?


So what has been the highest point of your career so far?

I’ll say setting up my makeup studio; I became a professional makeup artist in my 2nd year (2011) in the university.

How much has winning the pageantry influenced your personal and business growth?

Winning CCQ influenced my life positively in different ways, while working at the NGO – Mothers Against Child Abandonment “MACA”, I had the opportunity to learn new things which before then I didn’t see as necessary and for my business growth, I used some of the prize money to expand my business and being CCQ also helped me attract more clients to my business?

Leaticia Bola

There are lots of public misconceptions about pageantry and life afterwards,  if your kid sister or daughter were interested in contesting for any future pageantry, what advice would you give to her?

Yes, that’s because some people take advantage of naive young girls, most of which are desperate for success and become vulnerable. My advice will be for her to first do a background check, who are the brains behind the idea, how credible is the Pageant, know the vision, and how will being Queen affect her and the society positively. I’ll also advise her to believe in herself and not compromise her values for anyone or anything.

Leaticia Bola

Recently there has been quite a rise in female entrepreneurship and women owned businesses in Africa, as someone who is directly involved with over 5 years real life experience, What do you attribute these trend to and how best can more women be encouraged to get into mainstream business?

Women have come to realize they have much more to give d society, and this can only be done by harness in their talents.  The best way to encourage more women is to support the girl child get an education and also get a career.

Any final advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Go for what interests you most, acquire more knowledge about the business, be open to new ideas that will help your business grow.

leatty makeovers

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