I was there when Odukpani and Calabar Municipal jointly agreed to give Calabar Municipal their last term. At the time, I was battling for my House of Assembly ticket.

I have great respect for every political candidate running for Federal House of Representatives, However, we must all submit ourselves to simple agreements that ensures the peaceful and equitable growth of these two local gov’t.

This has nothing to do with capacity (each and every candidate brings their own strengths and weaknesses), it’s a matter of doing the right thing. I am amazed at how quickly we put away the truth to justify our own ambitions.

No one ambition is greater than the sum. No one person’s future is better than our collective future. This is fact!

This is Nigeria and we must put away those things that  bring discord.

While it is everybody’s constitutional right to aspire for any position, it is also our constitutional duty to uphold the very integrity of our people. Not everything that is legal is right…This is a perfect example of that!

Ponder this;

Are we as a people incapable of keeping our agreements?

When  and where does this fluid truth stop?

If i cannot keep my agreement with a people, what makes you think I will keep my agreements with YOU?

Isn’t our politics mature enough for us to hold people to their words?

If we decide to set aside that which was agreed, don’t you see that you are making room for chaos?

If money is the reason for our convenient laps in memory and mortality, then I echo the words of MKO in saying;

“People take the money but do the right thing…It is your money, take it!”

Please do that which is good for the many!


Let the arrows begin!

As written by Stanley BOYCE Nsemo, Director General, CRISSA

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