Have you ever wondered how Calabar manages to stay clean and green?

Well, here is what we know;

1) The state government has  several bodies set-up with the main objective of maintaining the sanity and cleanliness of the environs of Calabar daily. One of these is the very popular Calabar Urban Development Authority (CUDA) and if you live in Calabar you’ve probably seen them so many times that they’ve become our friends.

2) Calabar encourages green. Once in a while tree planting exercises are carried out. The present Governor, His Excellency Ben Ayade even held a green ball last year to emphasize the importance of green in our environment.

3) Calabar has another very active body, The Cross River State Signage and Advertisement Agency (CRISSA) in charge of managing adverts in Calabar. They curate the advert allowed locations and the prohibited areas as well. CRISSA also does a lot of other functions that manages to keep our walls from getting defaced.

Now, an important question you should ask yourself is

 How can I take part in maintaining the cleanliness and green of Calabar?

While you are at it, here are a few tips.


1) Keep your surrounding environment clean.

Make use of the basket and recycle bins provided by the government. Take part in environmental sanitation days. Remember, with a clean environment, diseases caused by bacteria and other organisms that breed in dirty environments are pushed farther from you and your loved ones.

2) Plant a tree or flower.

Green plants take in the carbon dioxide we don’t need and send out the oxygen we need. The carbon dioxide we send out by our daily activities is reduced by these plants who intend repay us beautifully with fresh oxygen. When oxygen is in the air, it’s healthy and fresh to take in. Asides that, plants beautify the environment as well so it is important that you plant a tree or flower.

3) Don’t deface the walls by pasting adverts in the wrong places.

The glue used to paste these posters defaces the walls and after the event, the poster is not removed making the walls dirty. Visit CRISSA and find out how you can paste posters rightly. Not forgetting, there’s actually a fine if you are caught defacing the walls and what we can say is, it is a really heavy fine.

Let’s keep Calabar clean and green together.


Have you planted a tree lately? Tell us about your green story..

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