Ever since her emergence as Cross River Most Beautiful Girl 2016, we have been following her activities closely to unravel the personality behind the pretty face. So far, we realized she got something different from most of the other beauty queens we have seen in recent times.

Her Facebook post below explains it;

Victoria Ana

“Ok so a dear friend nudged me to share this picture and I thought I should share a little of my story. This picture was taken a few years ago @ the international conference center in Abuja at the STAN (science teachers association of Nigeria) Mobil quiz competition. I was in secondary school, SS1 to be precise and I was representing my beloved state Cross River in the senior category. The honour of being able to fly my States flag at a big competition like that at a tender age is something I can’t even explain….. It was simply overwhelming. I saw students from the best schools in Nigeria, queens college, igbenedion academy, gifted school ,Loyola name it. But grace took a little girl from government comprehensive high school adiabo (I’m sure so many people in calabar do not even know that school) helped her defeat her contemporaries from the best schools in cross river and set her on a national stage in abuja, not only did grace take me, it distinguished me.

A lot of times when people here me talk they say “wow Victoria you are so intelligent, eloquent etc….did you school in fggc or Hillcrest or perhaps access” and I usually surprise them with a No. I did my nursery / primary school in police children school, left in primary 4 to holy child girls secondary school and later to my beloved school in adiabo when my dad moved to 8 miles. I still remember the excitement I felt when I told my dad who was a secondary school vice principal then that I had won the preliminaries and was going to the almighty FCT for the first time, oh the look of pride and pleased smile on his face would forever be edged in my mind.

And so I and 2 boys, one from akim akim model high school and the other from federal government college ikom and a little girl who was representing the junior category from Christian nursery school entered the bus @ our take off point hope waddel training institution to kick some butts in Abuja. We had no money but we had guts, brains that were on fire, determination and a passion to excel regardless of our sizes, and economic background…..and boy we kicked some major secondary school science butts.

While I was explaining my project to the then minister of science and technology with my team behind me cheering me on, as he listened with rapt attention and awe, at that point I knew I was born for greatness, oh yes! It dawned on me that mediocrity of any form was not for me. I knew then and there that I was a highflyer and my place was among eagles and I made up my mind to add value to myself….. I could go on and on. But I just want to end with this; I discovered myself early and started chasing my dreams early. I’m a beauty queen today but I’m not a block head beauty queen. So many people have the notion that girls who do pageant are just, loose bimbos who don’t have anything in their head, that’s why I’m in this business to break that stereotype.

I am not just a pretty face, I have an active brain in my head, i have invested in myself, all the books, tapes and resources I have are testament to that fact. I believe in substance above everything, I believe in God’s grace, the kind that takes a girl from the back yard, and sets her before Kings and princes, I believe in having virtue, for only virtue can keep that which beauty attracts, I believe in pursuing education that’s why I entered the university very early. I believe in books and more books ( I can’t say this enough) ,that’s why I buy and read books as if my life depends on it……and in a way it does. I believe in having the right association, that’s why I have very few friends (they know themselves).

I believe in hard work, vision and dreams because if you dream hard enough and work towards it, dreams will always come true. There are a lot of people who feel I’m not deserving of some of the crowns I have won, because according to them I am not 6 foot or pretty enough, but here’s what I want to say, it takes more than looks for somebody to be successful, there’s a higher factor called GRACE and I am a product of that. And because God will always have mercy on whom he wants to have mercy and give favour to whom he pleases, I am comforted and my only concern is being right with God always not trying to join the rat race of living to the world’s expectations.

My name is Victoria Ana cross river most beautiful girl 2016 and I hope this grass to grace story inspires you to believe and reach for the best regardless of where you currently find yourself. Do not let your background keep your back on the ground. You can achieve anything you desire if you just believe. At the end of the day, it is Only God that makes men. God bless you”

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