We know you might be already riddled with the question of how to spend the forthcoming Democracy Day holiday and if you are like most people who stopped by our office to suggest where and how to spend it, you’ll pretty much be conscious of not having your system ridden with so much alcohol, sleeping all through the long weekend or going to random places with spoilt friends. If you are a youngster. But no, we figured out a better way to spend it.

Let’s go visit The Kwa Falls!

This coming Monday 29th  May 2017, we would be exploring Kwa Falls like you’ve never seen it before in a little team of 20, just 20 – we want to experience everything like mavericks.

In case you are lost and wondering what Kwa falls is, here is a clue…

The Kwa falls are at the headwaters of the Great River Kwa, cutting through a steep and narrow gorge surrounded by a tropical mangrove forest, made up of mahogany, ebony and spruce trees, supporting a vast array of wildlife. The Great Kwa River originates in the Park’s Oban Hills where it flows southwards, draining the east coast of Calabar, ending up at the Cross River Estuary.

Located in the Anegeje Village, Cross River National Park, about 25 kilometres from the city of Calabar, is an area of outstanding natural beauty; the surrounding forest is a fantastic spot for spotting monkeys in their natural habitat and is a popular destination for photographers. This beautiful, natural wonder was the background for the miss world 2002 photo shoot.

Kwa Falls is characterised by its well arranged staircase of 234 steps from the plane down to the rest place of the cloudy waters. The nearby Kwa River Sand Beach is recommended for an afternoon’s peaceful relaxation.

And the living water…..

And yes, there’s a video also..

Well, now that you know, we are offering you an opportunity to join us and document the process.

For Transportation, Tour guide, Refreshment, Photos, Games and Picnic there is a flat rate of ₦ 5,000 only.  Not even up to how much you spend on a clubbing night.

To register please call Hope on 07031973119 or email us on info@calabarblog.com

Registration closes on Sat 27/05/17

Available spots:  20 only.  HURRY!!!!!!!!

Photo credit: MideCoker

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