Let Iniobong Akan Okon Cover your October

Arise o’ compatriots.

Calabar Blog calls Obey.

Jump in here and have a quick eye meal with our Miss October.

The recent Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria (MBQN 2015) Iniobong Akan Okon is our cover girl for October. The Obong University Economics undergraduate is a rare mix of fun, intelligence and beauty. Iniobong Is not that your neighbor you see every morning and just walk pass without a whew so calm your nerves and take a dive into her world. Enjoy.


My perfect personal introduction starts from…

My name is Iniobong Akan okon, am a native of Mkpeti Itam in Itu Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State. I am a 300level Economic student of Obong University.  From a family of 3.  I am a glamorous and energetic lady with a great sense of style and beauty. A Woman of substance who believes in herself, the things she does, strong and never gives up; the fact that I live up to my morals and values energizes, inspires and motivates me to do good things.

INIOBONG AKAN OKON calabar blog2

My best personal attributes in 3 words are…  Unique, confident and beautiful.

Growing up as a child I …..    I seriously wanted to be a Lawyer.

If I was a fruit I will be….  A cherry because it’s tasty, good with ice cream, goes with everything.

My role model is…   My Mother.

One thing I probably can’t live without is….   Money (smiles )

If I had a super power, it would be the power to… Appear and disappear in any part of the world at any time.

INIOBONG AKAN OKON calabar blog4

If I was offered an expense paid vacation within Nigeria I’ll choose…

Obudu cattle ranch.  It is beautiful serene & tranquil.

One of my greatest fears is…  Loosing loved ones.

I started noticing that Men melted at my presence from….  16yrs (Laughs out loud).

I’ll consider dating a guy who is…

Hard-working, has a good sense of humor, makes me a better person, faithful and God fearing.

A few Life lessons I’ve learnt growing up are…

To always be myself and learn from others. Not to judge people quickly and not to forget that people are also judging you.


Being the MBQN 2015 makes me…

Happy! It’s a true definition of success to me‎. All thanks to God Almighty.

MBGN 2015 is not my first kick into pageantry, my first was…

The Akwa ibom Anniversary Queen in 2014. I was the 1st runner up

For my projects ….

I will start by organizing an educational tour to secondary schools to sensitize the youths on the importance of education. I will use my office to empower the youths in different skills like fashion design, bead making, etc. lastly I will touch the lives of people especially children, youths and women living in internally displaced camps.

My most bizarre life experience  was when…

I was playing poker with some friends and I would say it was an unfortunate day, For all night long my best game was two pairs, I lost all my money and was playing with my third rebuy, I was very bored and drunk and then, all of a sudden, I said to myself: “Oh God, you’re really not on my side. God, if you exist, please prove it to me right now by giving me a very good hand. I know this is stupid but it would be very nice if you give me a little sign of your existence. It’s not for the money, it’s for my ‘intimate proof’ of your existence that I beg of you to reveal to me”. Then I got a Royal Straight Flush. It was very shocking.

INIOBONG AKAN OKON calabar blog1

My plans from here are to…

Round up school with a degree in economics, get married, have four lovely children, be a successful economist, and own a modeling agency.




Do you have what it takes to be our cover girl? 

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