Today we are sharing how to make your fragrance last longer on you hours after you are out of the office/home.

That morning spiffs of cologne (Perfume as we call if ) will rarely last all day, especially in warmer months. On this post Lifestyle Expert Simon Nwachuya took us on his pointers on prolonging the scent—without applying an excessive amount, of course.

1. Maximize the Surface Area

Try spraying fragrance on a hairier part of your body, so that the hair and skin both absorb the fragrance molecules. For example, spray it on your forearm instead of your bare wrist, or on the underside of your beard instead of your neck.

2. Spray It on Clothing

Perspiration can wear away at your fragrance, especially once your sweat evaporates. Try spraying cologne on the collar of your shirt, where it will more easily linger longer.

3. Apply in Moderation, then Re-Apply

Instead of applying an extra amount in the morning (in hopes that a greater concentration will last longer), spray a moderate amount at first, then re-apply as needed.

4. Abandon Seasonality, Especially in Summer

Even though it is perceived as a cold-weather fragrance, a woodsier cologne actually mixes well with the body’s natural sweat and warmer scent, giving it better summer endurance than many lighter, more citrusy notes.

5. Try a Musk

Year round, musky fragrances best complement the body’s natural scent, and will almost always outlast any others.



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