Mr. Kusi comes onboard from the private sector with 17 years of working experience spanning across various fields from Audit, Accounting, Procurement, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, etc.

His strengths lie in Business Development and Reactivations. He rebrands and revamps poorly-run businesses. He is a trained and seasoned business/market analyst with the capacity to draw up models to tackle prevailing economic challenges, he is a ”Solution Provider”. Has good knowledge of Corporate, private and public sector operations. Has served as a member of various strategic teams to reactivate business affairs of companies’ including Trancorp Hotels.

He was one of the greatest marketers and drivers of the “Destination Cross River Brand”. For several years while working as Sales Executive and later as Head – Sales & Marketing of Transcorp Hotels, he traversed across the high traffic cities of Nigeria attracting business and leisure travelers to the city of Calabar. He is one of the brains behind major conferences/meetings from parastatals like CBN, National Assembly, etc. coming to Calabar annually to date. He contributed to the facilitation of Dana Air operations in Cross River State back then. He developed a sales technique and model that turned the fortunes of Transcorp Hotels into profitability in just 4months after assumption of office as Head of Sales Team. He contributed immensely to the development of a workable sales model for Transcorp Hotels.

Since 2017, after leaving Transcorp he has been the CEO – WhiteHouse Ltd. Managing various entertainment and hospitality outfits within and outside the city of Calabar. His company is the number one privately run organisation with the highest budget for event promotions within Cross River State, thereby boosting activity and keeping the city of Calabar busy and active all year round. He also runs a company that is into International business facilitation in the Gulf of Guinea. He is a passionate Cross Riverian that always produces a result for every task/responsibility assigned or bestowed upon him.

As Senior Special Assistant – Economic Zone to the Governor, such expectations will be placed on him to contribute towards stemming positive economic activities that will attract investments into the state, thereby creating wealth, employment, and ensuring smooth operations of businesses in the state.

A graduate of Political Science with Diploma in Business Administration, Mr. Kusi has several pieces of training and certifications that will come to bear on the discharge of his duties.

Congratulations Albert Kusi, Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Economic Zone.

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