The word entrepreneurship when mentioned brings thousands of thoughts to mind, as charming or difficult as they appear, passion and purpose are two common parameters  that crosses through whatever it embraces, whether it’s a little home based business or a conglomerate.

Nurtured by these same parameters of passion and purpose, impressively young Victor Freddy Oju took to fashion design after graduating as a visual art student and falling in love with textiles design where he eventually majored. He went further to learn the basics of tailoring and perfected his art with the aid of YouTube videos and other online materials.

We talked to Victor about his brand Skillful wears over the weekend and here is what he wants you to know about his impactful two years journey as Calabar’s youngest and fast rising clothier.

Enjoy the read.

Victor Oju Skillful wear calabar blog

Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Victor Feddy Oju, I am from Yakurr local government area and graduate of visual art (Textile). I am currently the CEO Skillful wears and branding.

In a room of 10 what do you believe would stand you out?

My creative elegance and confidence.

Tell us about your brand, why should I wear Skillful wears?

Skillful wear is outstanding and it portraits elegance.

Looking at what you have here I assume your collections are majorly Afro Inspired items or do you make contemporary wears as well?

Yes I do contemporary wears too.

What inspires your design?

I get all my inspiration from a lot of things which then evolves into a common sketch. I try to execute it with fabrics and most times it come out perfect.

How long have you been making clothes?

Just 2 years.

Victor Oju Skillful wear calabar blog

At what point of your life did you decide that being a fashion entrepreneur was the way to go?

It started when I was in my 100 level in school, I had ever wanted to be an architect but I had to change over to visual art due to a few factors then. While studying visual art I specialized in textile(fabric production),I didn’t  know how to sew then but I was always looking good and that was how I got attracted to people and they want me to sew for them I had to go learn how to sew on YouTube and it took me 5month to learn and that was how the fashion business  started.

Take us through your journey what’s the best thing that has happened to you since you choose this path?

I have been able to style a reasonable number of celebrities in Calabar, Lagos and Port-harcourt. I was also among the best designer selected and endorsed by the Cross River Tourism fashion band. I’ve had a lot of amazing experiences and I’m looking forward to more.

Victor Oju Skillful wear calabar blog

Did you encounter any major set up challenges starting out your brand, are there any steps you took you’ll have taken differently if you had another chance on them?

No I didn’t encounter any major challenge starting out my brand, my mum once told me Son be good in whatever you choose to do, even if you were sewing from your room clients will still come after you. I was sewing in my room for over 6 months without paying shop bills so I was able to save and grow.

Where do you see your brand in the next two years?

I see my brand growing bigger and going International.

Victor Oju Skillful wear calabar blog

Do you also make ready to wear or just made to order only?

I do – made to order-  alone at this time.


So I can’t walk into your shop now and find something to buy right away?

I’m working on a massive production so by next month you can call or work in to my shop and buy right away.

Are you open to business partnership development at this time?

Yes sure, I love good and sincere partnership.

How long does it take to make shirts for men and how much?

From 3 days and from 5000 naira respectively.

Do you have any employees at this time?

Yes, I have one staff.

How do people find you for business?

To see more of my jobs follow me on;

Instagram @mr_skillful_

Phone: +2348103332047


It’s a wrap. We hope you enjoyed your read and learnt a thing or two. If you have an amazing story like Victor, please do get in touch with us. The entrepreneur of the month series is a continuous platform to share the amazing talents from the Calabar business environment. We are looking forward to your story.

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