Following the recent controversies surrounding the sudden disappearance of over N27 billion investment funds with Micheno Multi Purpose Cooperative Society, MMCS operated by Michael Eke as President and popular calabar comedian, MC Mbakara as vice president, a recorded phone call allegedly between the two has surfaced revealing shocking details how the cooperative was dead months ago and operated as a ponzi after pulling out of Swiss golden, the international multi-level marketing platform.

After this shocking phone conversation, the question now is who will bell the cat for this fraud, is it Michael Eke or MC Mbakara? Have your say….

Listen to leaked voice call here

See excerpt transcription from the recorded phone call:

Mc Mbakara: How much do you think by capital you are owing?

Michael Eke: By capital?

Mc Mbakara: Yes

Michael Eke: it’s almost N10 billion

Mc Mbakara: Let’s be very very certain, are you convinced its not more than N10 b

Michael Eke: I have to look at it to be sure is not more than N10 billion

Mc Mbakara: Because you told me only on 31st they paid unto N2 bilion

Michael Eke: Yeah, but when people pay you offset, we have 43 days payment to deal with

Mc Mbakara: Michael, you will do this for me.I will tell you 3 things today I have not said it before, why I have not been talking to anybody is because anything I say they will change it, people in this period keep saying I should stand by you, me as I’m here i’m a dead man, but i’m still trying to hold on.

If you follow these things I will tell you, I will stand by you but if don’t follow them, I will talk very soon, if you can kill me you kill me but i’m threatening anybody but if you don’t follow them, I will talk very soon because as i’m here i’m dying already, so its better I talk and get arrested and die or they take me to jail than to keep living this life, I can’t go out, I can]t do anything, i]m so in fears, if I even hear siren my heart skips.

You will go and sit down and look at your account balance, if its up to N10b i’m not sure our problem is too much, if its up to N15b i’m still not sure our problem is too much but if its more than N15b which i’m suspecting is more than, me, my prediction is upto N30b.

Michael Eke: I haven’t check, don’t worry talk i’m listening

Mc Mbakara: It is from how much you are owing we can now know, because if you are predicting you are making for instance 10% from forex trading, then how long will 100m sort out N10b, you need a 100 weeks to sort out N10b. So how long can we hold this down?

So that is not an option, we cannot hold this pressure down that much excerpt the only two things you can, which I can tell people in good places, if you surrender and you come out and talk and then you express your intention, your coverage.

Are you listening? I don’t want you to go out and do this on your own, because you might enter trouble, your confession can give you a coverage why, if you are under the DSS or EFCC let’s use the word arrest, for instance, but you took yourself there, your crime is limited and then you are covered meaning you are in their custody you can stay there as long as you want and nobody will harm you but you see this hide and seek it will not work, if you are doing say you want to hide, except you leave this country but if you leave this country they will trace you and they will kill you, so

Michael Eke: I don’t even plan to run, i’m not even trying to. I was speaking to somebody and I told the person that if things gets worse, I will personally walk to any police station or whatever and tell them arrest me and jail for life. But the reason…..

What is concerning me right now is what will happen to my family. My intention was nice from the beginning but i’m sure we did not imagine that things will meddle us out and whatever

Mc Mbakara: I don’t want to put any blame on you, all i’m saying now is,  first of all, the way you can mitigate many families is when you tell people the real truth and then tell people your intentions and then disentangle everybody, because first of all you have implicated everybody, from them Eno queen, to me to them Collins to Egam, you have implicated, people have lost their jobs, a lot of people have been suspended, people have been arrested so the better you let everybody understand that is not those peoples fault, these were my intentions but I missed it along the line but however, my appeal to you is the damage control thing is not helping anybody.

Michael Eke: Are you saying I should post it

Mc Mbakara: Don’t post, if you are ready I will start making calls now, and then, we can make it, if you can grant, I will call people in media, there’s how you will come out it will be very heroic and your might be shocked.

I told you the other day if you post this thing, I was telling you that night why this your post was not too strong was because it went well, but why it wasn’t too strong was because you went and entangled Swiss golden and the bank again, you would have just done your thing normally, I say do it normally, because you already said you left Swiss golden before your birthday or so.

You have already declared you left Swiss golden and then you are talking about Swiss golden again it didn’t make sense, and then Swiss golden replied.

So I can make call, I can call one or two people that have assets, that way, if you state how much you want to pay and then we can do a calculation. I can personally go out and do a campaign, the fact is I don’t want you to, the families you are talking about and all of that, the more you keep hiding when you push this thing is the more you are destroying homes and other things, people are even fainting, collapsing, some are dying, so its better you come out and state your intentions and tell the sincere truth, but I don’t want it on this broadcast again. Let me call one or two people and people can come out and support a noble course. Lets not continue like this, find out how much are you owing, if its N10b, if its N15b. Don’t pick calls again, already me I don;t want to go to church, collate it, okay, this money is N15b, is N20n, if its N15b, trust me there’s a way out but where im scared is if its from 20bn, 30bn I will make some calls because some people that are close to me have been saying dissociate dissociate, write a note, go and meet a lawyer, I said don’t know what to do because I can’t do that at this stage now, I don’t feel like, I can’t do that at this stage now, sometimes they push me so hard that I say okay i’m going to do, throughout last night i have been lying down and crying because whatever control you talking of cannot work but if the people know, the sympathizers support, something might just come out.

So do this, take your time now, maybe till 12,1, find out what do you think is the sum total of people’s capital, because everybody is asking me okay where’s the money, I don’t know what to say, when they ask me I say Michael is short of cash and then they now ask, okay where’s the money they invested, I don’t know what to answer, I say okay ask Michael, that’s why you see people say they have problem, they say ah ah are you not this thing, I say please ask Michael because I don’t know what to say.

The other one Tutu is saying that the money was invested in forex and forex have not started paying, I just say God which of kind of thing is this, if this thing continues like this…..

Michael Eke: That one she’s the one who’s posting that, I did not say that at all. That’s why i’m saying that talking to people now is very confusing, I said that most of the money is in forex and that the way the forex comes out is 6 weeks, stuffs like and even though I was still saying that, I did not know who to talk to, i’m just confuse, very very confuse.

Mc Mbakara: Michael before we proceed, is it….

Michael Eke: This your option I don’t mind because it’s the last slab, there’s nothing to do again, i’m just confident that this will be a way out. But I want it to happen in such a way that it will come out like the first, because all i’m after is It should end up by people still getting back their money.

Mc Mbakara: Well, that’s one but the first thing is so that people don’t get ringed in this, first of all, the only way to safe people’s life and family lives whether it ends with money or not is to make sure because the gist everywhere is that you connive with your team and which is not true. And I begged you, I said stopped investment because its only going to increase the debt, stop investment, you refused, but lets leave that one.

My question to you is, first of all, what were you thinking of when you did this, make me understand very well, what were you thinking of? Because that is where I still don’t understand because how can a man put himself, his family and put every other person on this line, what were you thinking of?

Michael Eke: Well, what was I thinking of when I started this?

Mc Mbakara: Yes, when you started making this a ponzi

Michael Eke: When I started making this a ponzi. The intention was not to make this a ponzi, it just happened that I was praying that while, because like I said we have gone too far to where you say a point of no return and now I was praying that as this is coming on, I will see something else which we could go into that could actually start running the investment but my prayer was that the funds can come in higher than we could have savings for whatever investment until it gets to a point that its actually the investment that is now paying. Because when I discovered that the plan I had does not supporting this, it was too late, it was just too late.

Mc Mbakara: But why didn’t you say it to anybody, why didn’t you talk?

Michael Eke: Because they don’t understand this, the problem was, you know I had committed a lot, I was still very hopeful

Mc Mbakara: Like in all humility and sincerity, you have done very well

Michael Eke: No, I have not

Mc Mbakara: But let me tell you the truth, the fact that you could not think of confiding in me , you could not tell anybody, it is what has landed you here because if you had atleast told one or two people, how can you say you were hoping and the time you realized it was too late. From the first day you moved, you would have talked to one or two people, first of all what knowledge do you have on investment, let me tell you the fact that you don’t have any knowledge in investment.

The  two lands in Abuja and Calabar  I have bought till today you not seen one, I keep reading the messages I sent to you in March and I started in March and you quarreled me, the messages are still in my phone but now look at that message, God was talking then, I said if we don’t do something we are heading for destruction, go and read that message in March, and you said if you don’t know what to talk, don’t send me those kind of messages, do you know what I do behind the scene then I started sensing that there was an issue but you refused to open up.

It was from that March that this things would have been sorted out and you would have been in a lower risk. If you were owing 100m, 500m it would have been a different case….billions, now you have dragged  more that 5,000, 10,000 Nigerians into the pit. How are you going to ever recover from this even if they jail you. This kind of thing nobody jails you because jailing you is a waste.

Mc Mbakara: Did the bank freeze your account?

Michael Eke: No, they have not

Mc Mbakara: Did the bank send you any message to close the account?

Michael Eke: First bank did, GTB did. That’s when I got really rattled that there;s something wrong from upm there

Mc Mbakara: Is becasue they know you are going down

Michael Eke: They sent me a message for freezing on the 31st and the excuse for it is that CBN gave a directive that all accounts affiliated to Swiss golden should be closed down.


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