Growing up, I heard a lot of silly and amazing things about the U.S, like “American wonder!” so my first few days in the U.S, I kept my eyes open in case I would see wonder woman, or bat man flying by. Or just in case I would see any bridges fall down because talking apes were fighting on it. Really, I didn’t see anything.

Golden Gate Bridge

Like my friend, Dominic Dominic once said, and I paraphrase him, America is only America (Basically United States) because people got up and worked hard over the years to make it what it is. There’s no magic or American wonder in that, there’s just hard work. Really, your life would be great too if you put in the right kind of hard work. (I just added the last sentence).

Pictures of sites in America

The U.S could be a lovely place (depending on where you stay). Let’s begin with Chico, in California. It’s such a beautiful town where everywhere is quite close to one another. If you love green, and you love gardens and trees and peace and quiet, you would love Chico during the summer! Fabulous!

Chico Pictures of Green

Oh and you should also visit during the 4th of July, to see the fireworks. It’s really amazing. Couples cuddled up together in the stadium, watching fireworks shooting up in the dark skies after a baseball game. Music in the air, serenading everywhere. The night isn’t so cold. It’s just perfect.

4th of July

How about a night in San Francisco? (Laughs). It’s like spending a night in Lagos! Lights. People walking on the streets. Glam. Glam. Glam. Cold.

I would have loved to share an embarrassing story of myself when I was pressed one night, in SF, with no toilets around. It’s a nice but sad tale, for real. It’s so sad that I can’t share it.

San Francisco

Roller coasters!

They look fun, but in reality, they feel like the end of the world. Three seconds into my first ride and I regretted why I ever thought of climbing into one of those things.

 I am going to die!!

Anyway, fast forward to my 4th ride in 2 or 3 hours, in the middle of my roller coaster ride my friend and I were screaming but immediately I turned to look at her face, I burst out laughing! Right in the middle of a moving roller coaster called the Kong! Or was it the Medusa? I can’t remember. All I know is that it was the scariest ride of them all, spinning and throwing you upside down while moving. There I was laughing my head out because my friend looked so funny!

Roller coaster pictures

Have you ever wondered where Donald Trump stays? Right here! In the White House!

picture of the white house

If you have any letter for him, I might just deliver it to him for you. Washington D.C, such a place with magnificent white/creamy coloured buildings.

state capitol building

This really taught me that in everything that seems useless, there’s something useful in it so never give up.

Last but not the least, I found the beautiful wall in Kansas City, whilst visiting Think Big.

before I die

So my question for you, just before you die, what kind of person would you like to be? What would you want to do? And where would you like to visit?

Remember, everything and everyone you ever may want may be on the other side of fear. Go for it!

Mirabelle Morah writes for www.calabarblog.com

Study of the U.S Institutes ‘17 Student Leader