Dear MMA Africa followers,

In third season of MMA Africa Tholakele Productions is not only switching planners, we are heading for the Horizon. If this was a street gig, I would call it dope. But MMA Africa is about intelligence, ambition and the selfless drive to inspire change among young people and Africa’s rural communities. This year we are adding “EXCITING” to the perspective of MMA Africa, which means MMA Africa promises more exciting vibes this year.


To make its third season an era to remember, MMA Africa is flipping its next best strategy by making me its 2016 Project Manager. I will accept your congratulations later. Thanks.

To make the year particularly exciting, I have decided to pick a viciously creative Assistant Project Manager, someone with steam and freshness, a new diamond that lost its rough and is ready to shine, I mean someone that made a sparkling appearance on MMA Africa 2016.

Atim Bassey will be joining me as Assistant Project Manager for MMA Africa. While she is designing and managing MMA Africa Magazine Cover Boy and Cover Girl contest with MMA Africa creator Joan Okon, she will be co-administrating MMA Africa, and applying herself in the creative team. With Joan Okon, Atim Bassey and the rest of MMA Africa Ambassadors, Precious Udonyah, Joseph Otu, Mavis Otonkue and Joshua Okemiri, I am are proud to let you in on MMA Africa projection for the year.


Aside the car package, MMA Africa, is giving out a cash prize of N500, 000. Plus 30 persons are going to get N50, 000 each, nothing could be juicier, but the juiciest part is that contestants coming into MMA Season III won’t have to be screened. This year, a purchase of MMA Africa form qualifies you for camp, and gives you the franchise to win MMA Africa juices. MMA Africa won’t be selling much forms, so better hurry and grab your winner’s form.

Embrace my team as we bring you the biggest show for the year.

Joan Okon     – creator and executive producer

El Osas         – project manager

Atim Basey   – assistant project manager

Joshua Okemiri   – strategy team

Joeph  Otu       – strategy team

Mavis Otonkue    – strategy team

Precious Udonyah – strategy team

Okokon Mesembe   – strategy team

Edward offionor  – strategy team

Marvelous Eneji  – strategy team

Halima Ofa       – strategy team

Joseph Osagwu    – strategy team

Joy Egba         – strategy team

Stella-Maris Obi – strategy team

Adora Ajuzie     – strategy team

…and the rest of the team would be coming shortly, and wait till you see who and who made MMA Africa in-house entertainment list.

Signed by

El Osas Iyalekhue, co-announced by Atim Bassey

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