HarvestPlus Nigeria invites everyone in Calabar and environs to the 2016 Nutritious Food Fair with the theme: Multisectoral Partnership to Promote More Nutritious Crops and Foods – ‘You are what you eat’.

The event, packaged to stimulate robust engagement around nutrition and food security, is scheduled as follows:

Date: Wednesday, November 9th to Friday, November 11th, 2016

Venue: Calabar International Convention Centre (CICC)

Time: 9:00 am daily 

The objectives of the Food Fair are to:

  • Increase the demand and consumption of more nutritious foods
  • Promote and encourage investment in the nutritious food sector
  • Strengthen partnerships between public and private sector stakeholders particularly:

–          Farmers and processors

–          Processors and Marketers

–          Marketers and Consumers

  • Show progress made in developing more nutritious foods by

–          Industrial sector (emphasizing nutrient rich foods)

–          Research institutions (emphasizing nutrient rich crop varieties and their derivatives)

–          Government policy support

  • Showcase opportunities for youth employment in the nutritious food sector
  • Recognize advocates in the Agriculture for Nutrition and Health sector

Some of the expected guests and speakers include


  • Governor of Cross River State
  • Governor of Anambra State
  • Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Minister of Health
  • 2016 World Food Prize Winners
  • Members of House of Representatives and Senate
  • More than 20 other speakers from the private and development sectors

The maiden edition which held in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in 2015 was attended by over 3000 participants from 5 countries and was declared opened by the Vice President. Over forty exhibitors, including national and international research centres, colleges of agriculture, food companies, herbicide companies, input dealers, equipment manufacturers, seed companies, caterers and delivery partners exhibited and sold products. Twenty schools that had earlier qualified for the Grande-finale of the national nutrition quiz competition were also in attendance.

This year’s event promises to be more remarkable. It will bring together key stakeholders in International & National Research institutions, Agriculture, Health, Education, Science & Technology and Trade & Commerce, including Government Representatives, Development & Donor Agencies, Small, Medium and Large Scale Food Industries, Input Dealers, Seed Companies, Researchers, Farmers, Processors, Consumers, Entertainment and Media, among others. An estimated 5,000 persons will participate in the event.

Attractions will include Keynote Speakers from the Health, Agriculture and Trade Sectors,  Special Appearances by the 2016 World Food Prize Winners; Exhibition of Nutrient-Rich Crop Varieties and their Food Derivatives; Exhibition of Commercially Processed Nutritious Foods; Display of Local Technologies for Cassava and Maize Processing; Cooking, Quiz and Dance Competitions; Awards to Best Farmers, Processors, Marketers and Advocates; Raffle Draws; Live Performances by Top Musicians and Comedians, etc. Screening of Award-Winning Movie –  ‘Yellow Cassava’ with Appearances of Some Nollywood Celebrities.

Please register for the event and book for exhibition booth at www.nutritiousfoodfair.org

For further information, please contact: i.okonkwo@cgiar.org (07039390279) or g.umeze@cgiar.org (09075334958).

We look forward to your attendance and participation

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