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Obudu Conservation Centre is a non-for profit non-governmental organisation dedicated to protecting, educating and restoring the wildlife and wild lands on the Obudu region and the surrounding Cross River National Park, which runs into Cameroon’s Takamanda National Park. The Centre is situated amidst several mountain ranges, hundreds of acres of forests, meadows, streams and spectacular rock formations.

Every Friday the channel will premier a new episode of their 4-part mini docuseries to share more indepth content about the NGO and the widllife they protect. The channel will also highlight their various initiatives and original content of the Obudu Mountains and surrounding Cross River National Park and Cameroon’s Takamanda Forests alongside one of Nigeria’s leading Conservationist Mrs. Nela Duke Ekpenyong and her team.

This channel offers an informative and educative insight into the world of Conservation in Obudu and its environs. Nela wants to ”bring back to the family a viewing experience for everyone and provide an experience for young and old who aren’t  aware or in tune with the beauties we have in the country.”

About Obudu Conservation centre

OCC is acknowledged by 5 countries as one of the fastest growing non- profits creating awareness in a pattern of consistent growth and an increasing community.

Check out the docuseries https://youtu.be/10YqOaGmWRQ <%22>

For more information  visit: http://www.obuduconservationc.org

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