A Nigerian lady, Diamond Ifiok has taken to her Facebook timeline to warn all who care to stay off if they are not comfortable with her religion while appreciate who she calls ‘her God’ as part her Fathers’ Day celebration and this attracted reactions from other users, who questioned her faith, seemingly disguising as mere inquisition for proper enlightenment.

Lady Diamond who got irked by series of responses from Facebook users on her timeline demanding to know why she referred to a mortal being as “God”, accosted all to steer clear of her religion and beliefs as she has freedom of worship and association and also respects theirs.

“…His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu is my personal Lord and Master. Mbok you can begin to unfriend me if you choose to stay as my friend, leave my belief out of friendship o” – reiterates.

While responding in her sentiment, another Facebook user Egan-Adat made bold her claim that Olumba Obu is not a Christian sect but a religion on it’s own called The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star and their God is not seated in Heaven.

This sparkled chains of reactions from other users who questioned their use of Christian symbols and in their worship if they are not a Christian sect.

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