It seems like the best things are happening in Calabar. Just after we celebrated the engagement and introduction of the CEO of fashion brand, Annieys… We have yet another engagement news for you.

So, Joan Okon of Tholakele Productions is engaged!

The engagement was apparently a surprise.

Joan thought she was plainly making a club appearance at a surprise party in Port Harcourt but it turns out she was making an appearance at her surprise engagement party.

She met her fiancé, Tommy Bien just 9 months ago during her NYSC in Port Harcourt. Joan is amazed at how true friendship can blossom into lifetime partnership. She commented “It’s never about the length of time but the quality of time “.


Joan Okon and her boo, Tommy Bien

The excited Joan took to her Facebook page to share her engagement news with the world. Accordingly to her

“It’s not April Fool’s Day… It’s a story of how God works in your life when you least expected a commitment, especially when you’re not in a position for one, God sends someone with the right character and strong will to you. I always said I cared less about riches or popularity, I don’t do relationships with no meaning, when it’s time to get settled, I will and it is time… “.

There’s no doubt that this relationship was one with a whole lot of meaning and it’s time to get settled for Joan and her boo.

We would definitely keep you updated on their love story as we all look forward to our invitation for the wedding party, we the guys at Calabar Blog are in love with Jollof rice! Nigerian Jollof Rice!!

We are wishing Joan and her Boo the best of luck in everything as they journey this new phase of their lives.

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