In commemoration of this year’s October Breast Cancer Awareness, the Pink Africa Foundation in partnership with the Cross River state Ministry of health and her global partners is hosting a one day awareness, sensitization campaign and free screening for the first 1000 participants in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

Pink Africa Foundation is non-profit organization that is focused on sustainably improving the lives of women and children, especially those in the under-served areas  with regards to health, education and livelihood skills.

Dr. Nchiewe Ani, the President and founder of Pink Africa Foundation, speaking with our correspondent said that breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women worldwide and the second leading cause of deaths from cancer in women, after lung cancer.

According to her, “The breast is said to be cancerous when it’s cells begin to grow out of proportion, may have abnormal shape or size, may multiply and loose it’s major functions . These cells could either be confined to the breast, in order word is yet to spread, hence treatable or may spread to other parts of the body with multiple organ failure, reducing the chances for survival.

“It is on this premise, with our goal set on creating a massive global Boobs care consciousness encompassing health education, early detection, apt prompt treatment culminating in increased survival rates that the Calabar go pink day was birthed, four years ago.

“Also, to help propagate this Global Boobs Care Consciousness, members of Pink Africa Foundation came together to create a boobs pledge in a kinky contested Boobs pledge contest with the winner being Ms. Oluwafisayomi Okajare Marvelous, our 2018 Face of Pink Africa Foundation.

“The current pledge, is a pledge to fight breast cancer, by observing monthly breast self examination. The pledge also seeks to encourage people to seek help as early as possible because early detection saves lives.”

She added that, “thousands of people will walk the streets of Cross River State, as the fight against breast cancer is a fight for all, devoid of party ranks and religious affiliations, affecting the rich and the poor, old and young, mostly females and few men with no known cause other than genetic predispositions and few risk factors like smoking, excess alcohol intake, not breast feeding as a mother, obesity, uncontrolled use of steroids and exposure to radiation.

“We want people to understand that detecting any abnormality in the breast, is not a death sentence; hence, we encourage people to speak up early once any abnormality is noticed, so they can get help from medical professionals. We believe that together we can eradicate this menace called breast cancer, above all we hope for a cure soon,”

Slated for Saturday October 16th, 2021 to be held in clusters across different parts of the world simultaneously, this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness is tagged, ‘Step Up Together’, and will hold with strict adherence to guidelines of COVID-19 prevention protocols.

Kick off time is 7:00am prompt at the Millennium park, dress code is pink T-shirts on blue jeans and sneakers; with designated screening point at the Municipal Garden, Calabar Municipal Council by 10am.

Part of the activities lined up for the event include: health talks, word therapy, practical session on how to self examine the breast, free consultation and screening for breast, cervical and prostate cancer,  distribution of post mastectomy bras to breast cancer survivors and breast cancer support for surgeries for 20 patients.

The month of October is recognized as the Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) by the World Health Organization. It is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities every October to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure..

Please help us take the Boobs Pledge, whether you are male or female and share with your sister, mother, colleagues and friends.

See copy of Boobs Pledge below:

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