Experiencing a multi-faceted fitness outfit in Calabar, or finding the perfect gym instructor and aerobics analyst is somewhat herculean to come by, especially when the idea of “Keeping fit and staying fit” becomes expressive to ascertain and check-mate their client’s fitness progress.

Recently, I made an awe-inspiring discovery of CALABAR’S FIRST EVER FITNESS STUDIO…!!! Heard that for the first time…?! Well…It feels great spilling-out this news, fresh! #smiling.

According to Dyvne Anthony, “The gym ain’t just a place to work-out, strain some muscles and get busy with some fitness machines…There’s more to all these than a gym could offer”.

At LES URBAN FITNESS STUDIO, it is not just a gym, but a lifestyle outfit where the total human psyche and physique is trained.

With ultra-modern work-out machines, exclusive aerobics apparatus, mind-blowing musical illustrations and a professional multi-dimensional gym instructor; This fitness outfit located in the ancient city of Calabar at No. 4 Thomas John close, State Housing Estate, Calabar.


LES URBAN FITNESS STUDIO is definitely a one-stop-spot to burn those calories and maintain that healthy lifestyle you have longed for.

Fundamentally, this fitness studio has the most diversified fitness programme in South-South Nigeria; ranging from

  1. Weight management
  2. Diabetes management/Blood sugar control
  3. Hypertension management/High blood pressure control
  4. High Cholesterol control, Coronary heart disease control and management
  5. Arthritis management
  6. And many more non-communicable disease control.

Prior training, It’s mandatory for every new clients to undergo a pre-exercise screening for risk stratification and to recommend the most appropriate training based on individual health needs and fitness levels as indicated by the by the pre-exercise screening process.

Second on the list is the ‘CONVENIENT AEROBICS SCHEME’; with this, a client can fix a training session at his/her own convenient location, format of training and time.


According to the Fitness Studio Director, Coach Dyvne: “This training scheme is packaged to accommodate those who prefer a convenient personal fitness session (private or small group),  corperate/work-site wellness for establishments who wish to have a fitness time-out with their workforce and a Bootcamp out-door work-out for those who cherish working-out outdoor in large group”.


LES URBAN FITNESS STUDIO is also specialized in nutritional management and expert advisory on staying-fit dietary. Can you beat that?!!!

As unveiled by the resident fitness instructor, “Your nutritional composition speaks well on your fitness progress…Most times, you need the right diet to stay fit, and a little work-out to sustain that fitness”.

Services rendered are ranging from basic, advanced and professional aerobics session, with a swimming pool session attached therewith; all at affordable and flexible rate.

Reading my experience there would be more practical, only if you get yourself enrolled for a first-hand experience of a pleasant fitness effect.

Staying fit will keep you off the jurisdiction of a doctor, and would make you have that inner stamina to withstand any physical task…The idea is #LesUrbanHotelFitnessStudio

For inquiries, Visit;

520 Hotels at No. 4 Thomas John close, State Housing Estate, Calabar.

Call: 08036748481, Coach Dyvne Anthony, professional in-house fitness trainer and expert in fitness techniques and fitness nutrition.

Reviewed by Isaac Macrock (@IsaacMacrock) for Calabar Blog

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