My trip to Great Kwa Falls organized by Go Cross River is full of lovely memories that would last for a really long time.

The trip was well planned and organized. All the safety measures were taken so the only job participants had to do, was have fun all through.

The trip started from the station assigned for the trip: Mobil by MCC. The feeling during the drive time was impeccable. The drive this time was different; I wasn’t rushing to meet up with work, school or meetings. It was just me enjoying the ride and the beautiful scenery of Calabar. The ride reminded me of how beautiful and clean Calabar is. It was a short one in 45 minutes, we were at Kwa Falls.

We got out of the bus and there was a tour guide to welcome us, he gave us an overview of the place and the tour to the waterfall practically started.

We walked down the “234” staircase leading you down the base of the waterfall. We were advised to be careful and not be distracted with our phones and cameras while walking and hiking to avoid slipping and falling.

As we arrived the waterfall, the view was so serene and breathtaking. The green forest trees, the clear waters and steep rocks were a pleasing sight that calmed the eyes and gave warmth to it. The sound of the waterfall was so pleasing to the ears that you might never want to leave it’s surroundings.

Kwa Falls is a tropical rain forest located in Akampa, Cross River State, Nigeria. The Great Kwa River is also called the Kwa Ibo River or Kwa River. It flows through Cross River State, Nigeria, draining the east side of the city of Calabar.
The Great Kwa Falls is a safe habitat for wildlife. Don’t expect to see Lions because you won’t, but you’ll definitely find monkeys.

Exploring the waterfall: passing and swimming through waters, hiking through rocks was a height of adventure. If you can’t swim, you are very safe, no need to be afraid. You just need to obey the instructions of the tour guide and stay away from the deep waters.

Of course, there were individual and group photo and video sessions to capture memories. Besides, did you know that the Great Kwa Falls was used as a background for photoshoot during the 52nd edition of the Miss World pageantry?  Yes, it was.

We spent a couple of hours interacting within ourselves and with the waterfall. Sadly, no one got anywhere near the source of the fall. But the fall originates from the Oban Hills and flows southwards to the Cross River estuary ( I. E : where the tide meets the stream).

It was the hiking part that took our breath away. It might look tasking hiking the flight of 234 stairs to have a view of the waterfall but the real task is going back from the waterfall. I assure you you’ll definitely lose a couple of calories after the hike back from the great waterfall.

I was dehydrated after the hike and it was nice that we settled to relax and had food , snacks and drinks after the strenuous hike . The lunch was amazing and well served and we interacted more. We networked amongst ourselves, new relationships were built , friends and acquaintances were made.

The sad part was having to go back home. The arrow sign that says you’ll never want to leave is so true.

The Great Kwa Falls is just a place that reminded me of how much I needed to relax, it made me appreciate the beautiful nature of mother earth and the wonderful earth God crafted for us to enjoy. Sometimes, we get too caught up in the busy life that is we forget to live and enjoy life.

It is super exciting to know that Cross River State Government is looking into refurbishing and investing in the maintenance of the Great Kwa Falls.  Rumour has it that there would be a zip – lining and loads of adventure facilities and activities to look forward to and, I’m definitely looking forward to it.

If you are looking for a place to explore and have an adventure, a place to relax your nerves, a place with the essence of the beautiful earth, the place to be is the Great Kwa Falls.

Sad you missed out on the last tour?  Not to worry, Join us for another exciting tour to the undiscovered Cashew Beach(Iko)  in Akwa Ibom State. See flyer below for details or Call Hope, 07031973119

Reviewed By Aidee Amba

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