I have been here a couple of times before, but today my boss asked that I carry with me an “independent mind and be able to see my environment”, and that is what I did when I walk pass the security guy who had pushed back the glass door for me to enter.

LOCATION: Fiesta Fries is located on arguably what people know and refer to as the heart of Calabar and on the Popular Atekong Junction, Marian road. This location; which is a natural crowd-puller is a super strategic location for any restaurant to be sited.

MENU: The restaurant dishes are classified into Pastry, Africana and Continental Dishes. They serve everything from pottage yam, white rice, spaghetti, Afang and Egusi to Doughnuts, sausage roll, and meat pie. They also have sliced bread, peanuts and roasted Chicken among others.

Don’t expect to see a menu when you walk-in, the girl selling had told me they didn’t have. I wonder why?

SERVICE: Staff of the restaurant was courteous and were responding to customers on time but the restaurant doesn’t have a menu for customers to make their choice of meals from.

AMBIENCE: The location of Fiesta Fries is a place to road-watch; hang out with some of your friends while discussing the new Wizkid song, Black Panther or the housemates up for eviction on BB Naija while sipping on coca-cola.

But I will advice they improve on their ventilation. There was also the noise from the gaming center that was inside the restaurant.

Meal: This is where I score the restaurant 9/10, at least for the moi-moi I tasted. As a full blooded “Northern Cross River boy”, I think myself an expert in the cooking and tasting of moi-moi, and I was not disappointed when the soft moi-moi touched my tongue. It was just perfect, and it came cheap too!

That’s it for my review.

Have you been to Fiesta Fries before?

What do you think of the place?

Reviewed by Ogar Monday 

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