Richie Romanus Congratulates Governor Ayade on Presidential Honours Awards of CON

Your Excellency, to say you have been phenomenal in Business,science, politics,governance, innovations etc is to say the least. You have single-handedly demystify several myth related to politics and governance. The things they told us where unachievable, unrealistic and wild goose chase are the things you have brought to bare right in our very own eyes. How you do it, remains a mirage.
I am particularly excited about this recognition by the President Buhari led administration because no governor has been as supportive as you in his administration. You were one of the first governors to run with his vision for Agricultural Development and you were also the first to come up with practical solutions in the fight against covid’19.
Back home, where and how you get money to pay over 7000 people yet still execute mind blowing projects should be understudied.
God bless you our dear father and by the grace of God the incoming Senate President of the 10th Senate.
Richie Romanus(RR)